How many days would you stretch the same area? Or is there a plan for what areas to stretch in a certain order?

Naya X.
Every day i stretch all of my body, there is no "each day, an area" thing in stretching. It normally takes 5 minutes maximum. And if u wanna get more flexible in a certain area the u stretch ut more than the other ones 💖

Sebastian Z.
I personally do a full body stretch. It's repetitive but if you spend about 5 mins stretching out all parts of your body you entire body feels great. I do this once in the morning and once in the evening.

Amal N.
I stretch the areas that seem most tense. Generally my back will hold a lot of tension. And my shoulders. So i try to focus on them as I stretch.

Zuwairia O.
It is better to stretch planly, like your every body parts has to be active equally. You have to follow the way of stretching routinely.

Sally C.
I normally have a stretching routine that works on all areas of my body, but my main focus is my legs as I do lots of sports and don’t want to get any injuries.

C Tia Q.
I’m doing the stretching challenge for three days now. I’m following a plan provided by Fabulous which include 10 mins stretching. The plan includes stretching exercises for all body. Highly recommend:)

Th Odore G.
I do a 10 minute full body stretch, following a YouTube yoga video. I try to focus on my back the most though, because that’s what’s stiff

Kiara O.
I stretch starting from head to toe, meaning I stretch my neck to my arms to my back and legs etc. Sometimes reverse. I have no specific areas or types of stretches, just what feels right at the time and I breathe deeper into places I feel tension or focus on the area <3

Ardee G.
Since I live in a very small apartment, there's only really one area to stretch in. Instead, I focus on HOW to stretch, doing basics (popping my shoulders, knees, neck, and fingers) to find where I feel the most resistance, and follow-up with the most helpful stretches for that. For example, in the mornings, I usually find that my back and shoulders is holding tension, so I do cat-cow as slowly as possible to work out those kinks or child's pose or upper body rotations. In the evenings, I'm usually sore in my joints from sitting for extended periods for work, so then I do extending exercises like reaching up/down as far as I can or Ps & Qs or warrior's pose.

Katie X.
Honestly, it depends on what goals you have. If you want to do the splits, you would have to stretch every day, using the necessary stretches that will allow you to achieve those splits.

But then again, stretching out our bodies, is another way of keeping us in shape 🙂
You dont need to be as flexible as a gymnast or ballerina.

Tiago T.
I stretch my back every day as there is a lot of pressure on it all day but I also stretch other parts depending on how they feel and if it is in a certain workout or routine

1 M.
I usually do a 30 Minute Stretch routine on one Day, and for The rest Just one area per day to not overdo it, good luck!

Hadia N.
I will do a full body stretch starting from upper arms, forearms, wrists, shoulders, neck, upper back, lower back, thighs, lower legs and ankles

Freddie P.
I tend to do a quick stretch for all muscles but if I was to do specific muscle stretches then I would try to do them every day or every other day. Most stretches are good for every day usage.

Charlotte G.
I would stretch the same area for 4 or 5 days then add another stretch every 3 or 4 days…
But I currently don’t have any order for my stretches…

Gwendolyn Z.
I'm very good at stretching.Because I've been doing it for so long,being a mom and all.But I do stretch all thru the day,Doing my whole body.So when you get use to stretching it won't matter what parts of you body you do.I do 3min.a day before breakfast,lunch,and bedtime.

Naomi Z.
I'm start stretching everyday after woke up. I stretch focusly on my back my waist. This is because I'm always seat to study, so its good to stretching to make your body feels better to study.

Harper U.
Stretch every area every day, it's not like bodybuilding where you need days for muscles to heal, stretching should be done at least 6 days a week and every area that is physically doable for you.

Maria R.
My daily stretch is a mix of movements to ajust my posture and to stretch my muscles, so I don’t focus on only one area. Only when I am preparing for a run, I focus specially on my legs.

Alexis T.
Every day, I stretch my arms and legs while I'm still in bed. I rotate my wrist, elbows, and ankles until I feel refreshed.

I don't have a plan to stretch them in a certain order — only to alleviate stiffness and start my day.

Samuel W.
I go in an ordered pattern
I usually stretch my upper limbs in a way that resembles yoga .then do a small lower limb stretch .
But I would like to know more and better ways for a morning stretching

Stephanie R.
Thank you for the question! Over the years I have perfected my stretch routine and at this stage it's almost a dance ☺ I have long version 10+ and a quick one 2min or so. I truly enjoy how much better daily stretches make me feel, I get no backpain, I had pretty constant back pain before and I make sure to stretch my periformis, psos and hamstrings everyday. Thank you for listening 😊

Justin Z.
I stretch the same muscles multiple times every single day and rub out all the knots in my back to loosen up, I go for my arms to back to legs.

Stefano S.
I would stretch every area every day. The key is repetition. If you do it every day, you won't forget to do it.

I stretch each 'counterpart' in one session to keep things balanced: front part of right leg – front part of left leg – back part of right leg – back part of left leg ; abdominals – lower back ; chest – higher back & shoulders. And so on.

Violet G.
In my opinion a good stretch starts with consistency. You should also warm up a bit before you go right into it. The best times to stretch are before and after a workout.

Sharon B.
I use an app with stretching exercises. There are stretching routines for back pain, stretches that are good for morning or evening and I follow what they are saying.

Tobias G.
I typically stretch my main leg muscles, and if I have time my other lower body muscles
Wrists are also areas that I stretch when I remember

What I need to remember is to stretch my neck and shoulders

Monika C.
I am using a short pre-training routine that stretches most of the main body parts, so I don't think I'll be stretching a single area for many days.

Daniel C.
I have started doing an all over body stretch which takes in all major muscle groups, it’s not a massively long stretching to outline but I get everything in there and it only takes about 10-15 minutes at most.

Laura W.
It doesn’t really matter what areas you stretch first. I like to stretch my back and torso first because it is where I’m most stiff when I make up. However, then I continue to stretch my whole body after. Really just focus on ok getting a good stretch and breathing.

Russell O.
I stretch often around my legs where my joints are to get better with tilts and getting better with the splits. I’m currently working on my tilts and getting the leg completely up.

Thomas C.
I would say I like to stretch specific areas every morning to really wake me up and to relax my muscles after not being in motion for 8 hours. I would stretch these area everyday as this has become apart of my routine and it is important that I get it done no matter what I’m doing in the day.

Lucy I.
I stretch mostly the same area, because I am trying to become a bit more flexible in that certain place, but I occasionally do a bit of everything. When I do this, I start from the bottom(my feet) and work my way up to my neck, stretching everything as I go.

Jocelyn B.
I would stretch in the same spot for a week and then start doing more stretches else where in order to get into the habit of doing it daily

Frederik Y.
There is no good or bad way to do it. First you can be proud to do it 😉 What works the best for me and I think that is the most effective way to do it is to just do a few stretches slowly « connected » one with the other for the whole body everyday. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Stretch your arms and back, go down to the legs (I think that they’re the one that use the most time but it’s different for everyone) and don’t forget the head.

Taylor Y.
I have an injury on my lower back, so I make sure to stretch it every thoroughly. But I also think its best to do a general stretch of the body.

Marshall E.
I stretch every area every morning. If one area is particularly sore and hurts more to stretch that morning, I just stretch it for a shorter period of time. I don't really have a particularly order. I just wrote it all done on a piece of paper and go through it.

Fenris J.
I actually don't really go into it with a plan on which areas I will do in a certain order. Or an area per day…I just kind of start with the areas with most tension.. Not really stretching.. But I have plantar fasciitis and first thing I do when I wake up is use that it's just something that kind of looks like a dog toy and you roll it back and forth otherwise stepping down with my full weight out of bed is excruciating 😫😖so I guess do the areas that might hinder you from doing other areas next ie: a pain disorder. Then I just do random stretches🙇🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🧘🤸 I know, I'm not the best at counting how long I've gone, but I'm getting better. 💯😁 What about you?🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🇨🇦