Is it necessary to warm up before stretching ?

Lenice E.
Yup. You pretty much tell your body that you'll do something and it should brace for the impact. Without doing so, your risk of getting injured is much higher. Also, if you're warmed up, you will be more flexible – seemingly; in reality your body will just allow you to use full range.
Janet P.
I don't think it is.
When you are stretching you should do it slow and make it a bit of a process and it should be relaxing and you should enjoy it first thing in the morning, of course after your glass of water.
Johan C.
I think it's a good idea. A bit of loose, active stretch like taking a walk and bouncing around doesn't usually need a warm up, but pushing oneself to get more flexibility shouldn't be done on cold, tense muscles. Already hurt myself once not warming up enough. Please always warm up!