Do you stretch before activity? If so, do you follow a different strategy for warm up?

Johnny W.
I like to stretch before and after. My stretching before focuses on the body part I will be work out and they’re usually a bit more fast paced (kind of like exercise stretching). After my routine I do a much more relaxed and slow process, focusing A LOT on deep breaths and poses that will stretch out the area I worked out. I also focus on my back neck area because they hold a lot of tension and give me aches.

Mary Z.
Yes I do. I stretch every morning and before each workout plus the occasional yoga session and that’s the amount of stretching I do. I do however feel like I need to increase the amount of stretching I do since my body has gotten kind of stiff here and there.

Lily X.
Yes, but not for so long. My main issue is being lazy about it. Normally i do each stretching move for 10-15 seconds. But i feeel that stretching can be addictive. So especially after a good excersize i stretch.

Roseli Z.
No need for contemplation. ALWAYS
Stretching helps unimaginably with injury prevention, and only takes five minutes to do. Make sure you do so. A proper cool down is also underrated. Make sure to get on the treadmill and walk slowly or do something very light, a clear step down in intensity from your prior activity in order to cool down, just as you warmed up.

Juliane E.
I use the foam roller and some Pilates exercises to stretch in the morning to get the body prepared for the day. I need to improve on consistency though.

William A.
Yes, stretching before activity is important, although if I'm going to do a more vigorous workout then I try and do dynamic stretches.

Clyde P.
No, I do not stretch before exercise. Perhaps I should but I do not and my personal trainer is not saying that I should. But I do stretch for one minute, each day, as a quick break and to energize.

Elias Z.
No, I don't stretch before exercise. My routine for working out is to do a warm then exercise and finish with stretching to cool down.

Ivanilda P.
I stretch by starting whatever I’m doing in a gentle way or for my strength exercises, I get ready by warming up with some light cardio.