Do you know any back stretches? Or basic arm stretches? I seem to only know leg stretches.

Anastasiia F.
1. put your hands in a lock behind your back, bend forvard: the hands must be relaxed and hang somewhere over your head;
2. lift straight arm to 90°, hold something (like a wall or door), and start turning so the arm goes to side (looks like you are trying to take something from a shelf but you want it to be a surprise, so you’re reaching to the shelf not looking at it);
3. hold a straight hand in front of you and gently twist your wrist one way, then other, then pull it up to yourself and down (like as if you were to flex wrist up and down but the had is relaxed and hel by other hand);
4. for back: do few waves (sholders forward, then back and repeat few times, hold your hands up and do a swim-like-a-mermaid move, that would be it), and them gently bend in back: sholders back and down; you can put your hands behind your back into a lock, this willl help you to bend back more.
And remember to be gentle and slow, pay attention to what you feel in muscles and the spine.