Do you stretch before or after a workout?

Flenn U.
Both! Stretching before ensures I’m not tight and can utilize full range during my work out.
I also stretch after to relieve some tightness, increase blood flow and give the lactic acid room to drain quickly.
I stretch a lot
Kristen X.
I typically stretch before and after. I definitely don't think what I do is enough which is why I am determined to build my home yoga practice. I had a wonderful home practice that slowly died when I began practicing in studio. Since quarantine started I have been better with it but I want to take the steps for it to stick.
Michelle O.
Both, but I use different stretches on each occasion. At the start I would use cardio based stretching to get warmed up and avoid hurting myself. Afterwards I use slow flexibility type stretches to "lengthen and strengthen".
Jay W.
Great question!

It's good to stretch before and after your workout.

I normally do about 3-5 mins of stretching before working out.

Then a 10 min walk on the treadmill or outside. Or 3-5 mins in a dry sauna fully clothed. Both help to warm up your body before a a work out.

Then about 5-10 mins of stretching after working out.

Jordan N.
Both! Before is a warm up / stretch to get the blood flowing and tell your muscles to wake up! (Even if its the afternoon. If you've been sedentary all day, your muscles will not be engaged and need to be woken)
After is part of the cool down and makes sure blood is getting through all the vessels it needs to, and lessens the chance of stiffness or soreness centralised in muscles