How long do I have to stretch after a workout?

Alicia N.
Just until you feel calm relaxed soothed stretched and loose, depending on how long your workout was and what you did in said workout, 10 mins is usually a good amount of time, anything from at least 5 mins till 30 mins, you don’t want to rush stretching.

Kristen Q.
I find stretching can be re-energizeing and allows me to come home, focus and get more work done.
It also just makes me feel all around better.
Also can be a good mind reset.

Tia G.
Depends on how long you workout or how tense you are. I stretch for about 5-10 minutes because I do not do intense workouts so for you or anyone else I would say stretch for 10 minute.

Ayeesha N.
It usually takes me about 5 to 10 mins. And I think that is the best, because after excersising the body is tired so a bit of stretching will do and then you can relax before getting on with how you intend to go on with your day ☺️.

Era U.
Not too long but if you want to stretch the try to do it after every exercise like wiggle your toes sthretch your arms etc.If you want to do it after a wirkout i would say 1 min max.

Ritchellyn P.
I don't really work out But I would say doing Gentle stretches around 5 minutes. (I searched this on google. next time ask google This kind of question)

Ayeesha N.
It usually takes me about 5 to 10 mins. And I think that's the best, because after excersising the body is tired so just a little bit and stretching and then one can relax a bit before getting back to what you intent to do with your day☺️.

Enzo T.
Because I am trying to gain flexibility I like to stretch a minimum of 30 minutes and stretch all the muscles. Very important, I think, when stretching is to do both side evenly. Although one side will gain flexibility quicker, I wait for my bad leg to catch up with my good leg

Ruby U.
Normally is stretch for around 5 minutes but that just fits my workout you can do how ever long you feel is best for you

Tia G.
For it depends how long I worked out. I usually stretch from 5 to 10 minutes which is good for before and after workouts.

Rainforest N.
I work out quite late at night, so usually I don’t stretch. I’m aware it’s bad for my body and I am planning on starting to stretch every morning when I wake up and every evening before I sleep.
I am aiming for 2minutes minimum and 5minutes maximum.
Hope this helps

Mallory T.
I think that about 5 minutes of stretching after a workout is good. You need to stretch out all those muscles you used during the workout so you won't be as sore.