What is the best stretch exercise for your back?

Raymond U.
Ah, the back, what an underrated stretch! One of the best stretches is trying to touch your toes with your fingers as this curve will definitely stretch your back, hold for 30 seconds or as long as you can! Then put your hands together, one on top of the other, and try to reach as high as you can with your arms, lifting your shoulders, this will release a lot of tension in your back and is guaranteed to feel great! Another classic is the “downward dog” and “child” poses are great for getting a good back stretch! Hope I could help! 😁
Theres Y.
I like cat/cow. Sun salutations are also a good overall stretch. I also find that a strong core=less back pain, so planks, dead bugs & bird dogs are helpful.
Silvana N.
There's two yoga poses I really like for back stretching. The first is a child's pose with side stretch – basically child's pose but just walk your hands to one side or the other. The second is called thread the needle – start on all fours in tabletop then reach under one arm with the other and rest your ear on the mat.
Alicja E.
Roll a bath towel up and put between your shoulder blades, lie on a bed/rug and let your shoulders drop either side, hold for 5-10 minutes
Manuel E.
On your hands and knees, arch your back up towards the ceiling, hold, then drop your back down and arch down lowering your stomach towards the floor, then repeat
Russell Q.
I usually lie flat and let my muscles relax for a while and then bring my knee up and across to the opposite side and hold. That and hanging off of something if you’re able to!
Melissa Z.
I think that when you stretch your hamstrings and other legs muscles it helps your back feel better but also the cobra pose and upward/downward dog pose
Martha O.
I enjoy doing some yoga stretches! It is always good to simply lie your back on the ground, and after a while, bring the knees to your chest and hug them tightly. Side stretches are also amazing for the back
Alma J.
Stand with your legs a little more than hip’s width apart, and stretch your fingers toward the floor, bending at the waist. Bend your arms at the elbows and hold each elbow with the opposing hand. Now sway back and forth from the waist, and feel free to twist a little to really stretch your back. This really helps me 🙂 hope it helps you as well!
Odair E.
I recommend starting with a back bend toward the floor, then moving into Downward Facing Dog. Lower onto your hands and knees for the Cat pose, where you pull up to arch your back, and Cow pose, where you do the opposite and pull your stomach towards the floor. Sit up on your knees in a kneeling position and gently twist to the right and then the left to get a full back workout.
Drago O.
I’ve found particularly useful to bend over and touch my toes while standing or lay down facing the floor and lifting the upper part of my body with my arms extended.
Judd N.
A long low stretch bending down to left side with bent legs and then exhaling and releasing my hips. Then repeat on the other side