Do you stretch throughout the day or at a designated time? If throughout, do you have any good small stretches to do at work?

Emmy C.
I do 5-30min in the evening before I go to bed. Letting the time depend on whether I did yoga in the morning or another form of working out throughout the day
Anna P.
I do my morning stretches as soon as I get up and drink my water. Once it is done, you're body warm and mentally aware that it is out of the way.
Rachel X.
Mostly I strech every morning after I get out ky bad, and before and after every workout. Small strech that everyone can do at work is wrists circels and hand overhead stretch, also flex and point in the legs 🙂
Marion Z.
Yes I do now throughout the day at work (office).
Got easy stretches from my physiotherapist & they really do help. The benefits are great when I do them daily.
Margit Y.
I stretch throughout the day. I find it keeps me limber and free. I’m assuming by work, you mean desk job. There are a few stretches I do. One is to lift my legs to just under my desk and rest them down again. Another is to stretch my arm (let’s say right) over my head and to the left. I stretch the opposite way too. Then, I lace my fingers and stretch them behind my back. I move my neck, wrists, and ankles in circles. I wiggle my fingers and my toes. I do that a couple of times a day.
Kirk O.
I do both, I do a quick yoga flow when I get up each day and I stretch throughout the day. During the day I will lace my fingers behind my back and stretch my interlocked arms upwards, I will roll my shoulders to correct my posture, I will stand and reach for my toes and hold for a bit, I will pull my heel into my glute to stretch legs, I will also while standing or sitting twist from my waist to look over my shoulder to stretch my back. I don’t do them all at once, I just do one for whatever area is bothering me the most. I try to do one stretch every hour or so 🙂 .
Silje A.
I do a littl bit of stretching and exercises in the mornings (about 5 minutes in total) and thn just before lunch. For before lunch i picked 8 out of 15 stretches that you can find if you search for '15 simple and quick office stretches'. Hope you find something you like 🙂
Avery Y.
I strech whenever i can, which can be werid in public but I really dont mind. Little movement like twist and turn work in any part of the body
Nathan N.
I stretch at a certain time which is the first time of the morning I have a break for a period of time ,I stretch for 1-3 mins mainly my neck slowly & gently turning it in all directions since I have a stiff neck and it's really helped . Especially the reminders
Josefine B.
You could do it either way but I like to do it throughout the day. I have a good stretch for your arms. I think it’s called the bow and arrow pose. You bring your arm, stretched out, across your chest and take you other arm and hold it. Hold it for 10 seconds. Then do a T pose for 5 seconds. Then do it all again for the other arm. I hope this helped you.
Emily G.
I stretch whenever I am on breaks. Say around once in 2 hours…stretch plus water plus deep breathing -> next session of deep work! This is what I am working towards! All the best!