How many stretches do you usually do?

Gottlob U.
I do 3 minutes of hand stretches in the morning and I stretch my back at that time as well.
Later in the day I do adoditional stretches after and during exercising.

Arnoldo Q.
I find that taking the time to ease into a stretch gives you time to reflect because you should make sure that the moves are done correctly for optimum results. When I stretch, I feel somewhat relaxed and peaceful. It’s almost like a transformation-a good one. Stretching makes me feel more alive and limber. I look forward to doing at least one session daily. It’s usually about six different moves or sometimes ones from Fabulous. I do not focus on the time but rather on doing the stretches right. I really enjoy it all because stretching is easy!

Kiara E.
Depends on where I’m feeling tight. Usually two or threee different arm and shoulder stretches, a calf stretch and then quads. If I have the time sometimes I’ll do a little yoga for a longer stretch time.