Stretching is great but I like to mix it up. What do you do on a daily basis to keep you going that you enjoy in regards to stretching?

Magnus N.
Si, grazie! Sarebbe bello fare qualche esercizio già al mattino per svegliare tutte le membra ed attivare la circolazione
Arnfried U.
I stretch different parts of my body on different days. Say legs on one day, arms on another, core on a third etc. I also use different stretches each time. Sometimes standing and sometimes seated. Varying the muscle groups and the method helps me not to get bored with the routine.
Roberta P.
I try to still stretch everyday but I also cycle every other day and sometimes I do the workout on the fabulous app. Personally I like using the Nike training app, it has different workouts that you can pick up and do anywhere.
Eva Z.
There isn’t anything specific or special that I do to stretch but I try to be mindful and pay attention to where I am feeling tightness or soreness. I try to think about how grateful I am to have a working body. I am far from my ideal body type but I am happy to have a body that I can move and stretch.
Alan A.
I usually work out and then it forces me to stretch instead of being sore. But if that doesn’t work I suppose you could try yoga as a fun way to stretch.
Anthony J.
Gentle stretching arms and shoulder and back. And walk to coffee shop near home about 3 min distance. Get some breeze and enjoy sunshine.