How long should a morning stretch be? Any tips on how and what stretches I should be doing? Thanks in advance~

Luca Q.
I think a morning stretch should last anywhere from 5-10 min. You should wake up and just stre at chug Iā€™m you feel fully awake and loose. Once you feel ready to start your day your good to go.
Douglas G.
For a morning stretch I would reccomend 5-10 minutes. If you are new to stretching in the first place, I would say then limit it to even less to 1-3 minutes. The most important part is you get a little bit of time in for each group of muscles. I am by no means an expert, so I begin with my feet together and touch my toes holding for around 15 seconds, relaxing, then another 15 seonds. Then if you want to stretch your calves you can do a downward facing dog. For groin you can do butterflies or recently I have been happy with doing my best to work up to doing a deep squat. Some other stetches I like are child's pose (you can look it up online in case you are unfamiliar), cobra pose, and simply rolling the shoulders/arms/neck. Make sure to spend a little time in each pose and really feel the stretch because you will be able to feel good when you are pushing your muscles but also not causing any strain in them either. As you practice you will learn how your body feels and decide what you think is best. Overall it should prove to help wake you up, help you feel ready for the day, and be a relaxing and calming experience. I love taking a little bit of time in the morning before all the noise and busyness of the day (even if it is a few minutes!) to let the body get comfortable and mind wander some. Hope this helps outs!
Kerri F.
My aim is to get out of bed so 6x 10 sec stretches. Choose whatever works – i do not see this as an opportunity to exercise but to welcome the day. Exercise comes later in the day for me but I no longer dread getting up.
Orhan X.
Hello!!! I mean it could be a short one if you are in a rush and it still works , but a long one really stretches out your muscles and it gives you a peaceful vibe. I recommend the long ones for like 7 minutes šŸ™‚