Stretching always hurts more in the morning than it does later in the day when my body is more awake and warmed up. Is there a way to wake my body up faster in my morning routine without having to run around?

Orestes P.
i like to have a shower in the morning which wakes me up and makes me feel much fresher and warm. it hurts as well for me more in the morning as well. for me it is mainly because i am tired and not warmed up. i also like just to shake one arm then the other then one leg the other and then one foot which makes me feel a bit more warm without having to run. i also like to do teh child’s pose for my back as a gently stretch that doesn’t hurt to much. hope this helps! 🙂
Jeneca B.
The easiest way to warm up your body is start when you wake up and are still in bed. Put your arms above your head and at the same time point your toes in the opposite direction of your fingers. Reach your fingers and point your toes as far as you can!
This is one of my favorite things to do, especially since its also a great time to greet yourself or say something nice to your yourself or even say outloud what youre looking forward to today.
While in bed, you can continue doing small movements; knee across the body, head tilts side to side, roll your ankles in a circle, etc.
Once you sit up, try rolling your shoulders back, head rolls, etc.
But if you are just a "Stiff Stanley", try making yourself an anti-inflammatory drink, as a treat for moving your body.
You can add powdered tumeric to warm milk and you have a homemade golden milk! Or make a spritzer with sparkling water and a shot of tart cherry juice and lemon juice.
Ariani F.
Do jumping jacks, kick butts and skip without rope, like 30-60 seconds each. Usually i do that before any stretch routine and it works just fine.
The G.
I always like to stretch after a few minutes; letting myself to wake up. You should try it too. Also, I would recommend trying to take things slowly in the morning. The stretch in the morning shouldn't be as hard as the stretch later in the day.
If this advice doesn't help, maybe you should try to move the stretching to your evening routine.