How can I be less tired in the morning?

Tyler F.
Once I read that eating an apple at the morning will keep you active, energized, and not tired, and it really worked, so why not to try it out.
Good luck
Joel J.
To be less tired in the morning try to go to bed early and get a lot of excercise don’t forget to drink water before it could probably help sleep more try if you go to bed at seven thirty you will get twelve hours of sleep so go to sleep at seven thirty or eight thirty.
Auguste O.
To be less tired in the morning, you have have to get enough sleep time, between 6 to 8 hours is good. Also when getting up, having a good breakfast can change your whole day.
Donaldo C.
Make sure that you have an evening routine that sets your morning up for success. That way your mind isn’t thinking of everything you need to get done instead of falling asleep. Stop screen time at least 1 hour before you go to bed. Try sleep hypnosis or meditation to help you get a better sleep which will help you wake up well rested! Hope this helps!
Tara F.
Hmmm, not sure that I have an answer to this question. For me, it is mostly about my mood that remained with me from the day before. I suppose I should focus on positive things that I am surrounded with and what are the good things that are expecting me. Apart from that stretching can help.
But maybe, above all, some good coffee ☕☕☕☕😊😊😊😊
Clifton S.
You can definitely try taking a shower when you wake up. I take a shower every morning When I wake up for school And I feel less tired then I was when I woke up.
Dale Z.
The obvious answer would be to sleep early to get the sleep hours you need, but i would also recommend using sleep tracking alarm those that attempts to wake you up when in shallow sleep plus gives you insight into what affects your sleep quality. In the morning drinking water is very helpful and also any sort of bed excersize that can be as simple as throwing the pillow upwards 5 times to get the blood to flow
Victoria F.
-investigate how many hours of sleep are best to you.
-drink water right away
-use more than 1 alarm and the phone must be on the other side of the room
Laurie X.
Go to bed earlier. Which is often easier said than done but is really the fundamental reality. Also give yourself plenty of time to adjust to a new schedule. Like 4-6 weeks.
Trist O S.
Just know that feeling tired goes away pretty fast once you just start your routine! I like to go straight from
Drinking a whole glass of water immediately to starting a playlist, cold shower for 3 seconds (shower cap!) and then 20 min meditation. Then go back to routine. I’m always tired in bed but I do always notice that it goes away!!
Jay F.
I would say get a good nights sleep, drink plenty of water, sleep at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time, and try not to have naps. Get 8 hours of sleep, and remember that you will feel tired utill your body gets used to the new time clock. Other tricks are switching your phone off and getting ready for bed 30 mins before. If your still having issues talk to someone about it, there might be something keeping you up at night. Good luck. ~A
Sonia E.
Put your phone away before you go to sleep, read or write before bed to make you sleepy. Don’t feel the need to get everything done if you are tired go to bed you can finish those things in the morning with a fresh head
Elenara A.
This can be tricky because some things are beyond our control: the neighbor’s dog barking all night, a thunderstorm that sounds like a train at 2am, or a toddler that seems allergic to sleep (on a personal note).

But to answer your question, being a non-morning person who is obligated to rise by 515am I often show gratitude for whatever rest I have gotten and say/think I will be fine- step 1.

Then I try to sleep with my robe on the bed so I can slide that on before I even get up.

Another step includes putting peppermint, pine tree, or eucalyptus oil in the shower… a few drops in the corner or more if I am dragging a little.

Finally, and this is the big part for me, I play a quick game on my phone or watch a youtube video before I hop in the shower.

Eduardo U.
What helped me – be in bed by maximum 23.30 so I can fall asleep by midnight, which is essential some studies show, no TV or surfing on the phone at least an hour before bedtime (their light disturbs sleep production), getting up at the same time (8.00) every day except sunday (9.30) or saturday if had a tiring week. No snoozing, just getting up. When I struggle to get up I clench my fists and say out loud "get out of bed and get the mat out" (I exercise or stretch for 10min first thing in the morning). Exercising if not every day then at least most days in the morning will start producing energy for the body. 🙂
Noah C.
First I would start off with making sure you have a good nights rest! Some people may even need a minimum of 8 hours. This can be hard because you may say you need that time to do work. I challenge you to be more effective during your day and give yourself a limit of work time. You need proper wind down time before sleeping as well. Drink tea and stretch, try being in silence and thinking about something good that happened today.

Try to make sure you aren’t distracted in your sleep from any flashing lights from your phone or any unnecessary noises. Use ear plugs or an eye cover if needed.

It can help to have 2 cups of something hydrating before bed ( water or herbal tea).

The most effective way to wake up without feeling stuck in bed is to train yourself to spring up right away. When you hear your alarm, don’t hit snooze! You should have a max of 2 alarms. Don’t lie in bed. The second you hear the alarm, sit up in bed and grab your glass of water and then stand up (because I know fabulous has that on your morning routine haha).

Lily N.
Hmm…Well, drink water as soon as you wake up.Oh, also, the most important thing is to sleep 8 hours.If you don’t, whatever you do, you’ll feel tired.Maybe not in the morning, but worse, at work-on an exam-or on a meeting!