Do push yourself out of comfort zone while stretching or is it maybe more important and effective to do it often and not pushing very hard. Or does it even work without a little discomfort?

Jacob N.
I think it ranges per person. If you're like me and have some chronic back pain or back muscles tension, pushing yourself could result in injury where as if you don't have that issue you can push yourself a little more. I find with my back issues that if I soak in a hot bath first to relax my muscles, I can stretch further and if I don't warm up the muscles first.
Slavica T.
I am not a regular exerciser so i do feel pains when stretching. Maybe for a week i'll complete it without so much pain. Im'm just gonna develope that consistency in doing stretchings. Then after a week i could make the stretchings a little more intense
Habacuc W.
For me, Ive stretched nearly every day since I was a teen when I wake up. I think it's by instinct, so it's never been out of my comfort zone, it sets me up for the day. No proof but stretching may also be the reason I grew 1.4 cm in my 41st year.
Charbel N.
I would say you can push yourself out of your comfort zone. But once your body feels like it is too much, stop and take it easy.
Tracey E.
I started yoga about 2 times a week last month. They are beginner classes at the local climbing gym. Flexibility has always been a weakness in my climbing abilities. What I noticed is a sharp change in my hamstrings and hips. I try to push myself during yoga, and supplement off days with simple short duration and low intensity stretching. I’m very happy with the outcome just after a few weeks! I think pushing hard is a good thing, just don’t hurt yourself! Good luck
Susanna O.
I study medicine and our teacher told us that we should always go to the zone of first (minimal) discomfort and stay there long enough so the discomfort goes away (maybe 30s), then you can go a bit further and so on… 🙂
Angel Y.
I push myself but not so much that I am in a lot of pain. Just enough pain so it is a little pinch does a lot for me and I feel great after it.
Jeppe P.
The important thing is that you “stretch”. Make sure you always push a little bit further than you can go, but be cautious not to over extend yourself. The key is to be consistent and most importantly listen to your body. Feel the blood flowing into your muscles as you perform the stretch and breathe as well.
Deann U.
A little discomfort is okay but pain is NEVER good. Pain is your body's way of saying something is wrong. Don't hurt yourself!
Sander Z.
When stretching I do push past a point of comfort but not to the point where I'll be sore afterwards such that it will affect my ability to stretch next time.
Katie C.
Well personally I stretch every night after I do my floor workout so I am used to stretching on a daily basis and am quite flexible. However, in the morning my muscles are very tense so when I am doing my stretching with fabulous, I do push myself , but not to the point of pain, moslty to where I am just a little bit past comfortable stretching. I use it as a warm up and pushing my sled a little at a time works to wake up my muscles so I can takebon the day ahead of me. So yes,you have to do it often to get the results you want and to become flexible, you need to make it a habit. So just push yourself a little and do it everyday, and it works great. I hope this made sense!