When should I stretch? When I wake up or before doing exercise or after doing excercise?

Jodie T.
I like all three for different reasons. As I wake up is very gentle and short – just enough to help wake up. A few dynamic stretches before exercising and then some linger/static stretching after
Willie A.
All of them. Definitely before and after a workout. I didn’t for years and was running a lot. I built muscle in my hips and didn’t stretch them and now my hips are so tight I can barely touch my toes and I have a lot of pain there. Stretch it out!
Sally M.
My opinion: do them all! The more you stretch the better. Streching in the morning helps your boxy wake up from the long sleep. Streching before a workout is necessary to prepare your body for a, perhaps, hard workout. And streching after the workout is also important to cool off.
Maddy Z.
I should stretch at all of those times. To prepare for the day, to warm and loosen your muscles for exercise, and then to prevent soreness as well as cool down after exercise.
Annerose E.
It all depends on what you intend to do. There's the stretches you can do in the morning to help wake up and some you do before you go to sleep to help relax your body. When it comes to exercise, however, you should always stretch before and after to prevent pulling muscles as you exercise and muscle soreness after you're done. Stretching before helps to loosen the muscles and make them pliable. Stretching after allows your muscles to release the tension that it built up. I hope this helps 😊
Loren F.
I stretch separately from exercise and after exercise. I am doing the one minute stretch challenge as a way to make sure I dedicate one minute at the start of my day to myself. I concentrate on the stretch and breathing and nothing else.

I stretch after exercise for health reasons and to make sure I don’t injure myself.