Is yoga a sort of stretch?

Mary O.
Yes. Each pose stretches your muscles. The thing I like about yoga is that it forces you to slow down your stretching so you are less likely to hurt yourself. The more yoga you do, the more flexible you will be.

Eleonora O.
I think so but I never tried it. I think it can be but also it can be a lot more than that. Stretching mixed with some kind of meditation and a bit of a workout.

William P.
There is stretching involved in yoga, but it is a workout. The first few minutes and the last few of a yoga session would be considered stretching, as they are the warm up and cool down of the session

Estelle E.
Yin yoga is a form of stretching, and I would consider doing an hour of yin yoga before working out. Most other forms of yoga, however, are full workouts in their own right and I would not be able to do another exercise after.