What do you feel after stretching?

Kristin F.
I feel energized and proud of myself 4 doing something I know is good for me. I also feel less stiff. Less stiff less stiff less

Hannah Z.
I made a stretch routine that targets the entire body. When I stretch, I feel like the knots from stress and pains from exercise are gone. If I haven't stretched in a while, I'm a bit embarrassed because I'll hear my bones popping a lot and wonder why I didn't do it sooner, but overall, I feel good (refreshed, better about myself, less groggy from sleep) and ready to start the day. I doesn't have to be the very first thing (I make my bed and drink water first), but should be one of the first things. It can also be done in the evening for better sleep perhaps

S Crates B.
Relief. And I always wonder why I’m not doing it more often. Also out of breath. Some stretches really get me, surprisingly.