How do you do your stretches at work?

Zara I.
I take a short break and go outside for a walk. I look for a quite place to do a few deep breaths and stretches.
I always try to do my stretches before I leave my house though.
Teresa U.
You can roll your shoulders forwards/backwards, move your head side to side and up/down slowly, stretch your legs and point your toes downwards and then bring them in.
Theresa P.
I go to the toilets (we have large toilets) and just do simple leg arm and neck stretches – that way no one will question me or interrupt me
Ashmika N.
I do stretching exercises at my desk. I take a walk around work area & to bathroom. I do more stretching during break time.
Raina C.
I generally put my leg up on my desk for a while when I work. I have a standing desk, so during the afternoon, I raise my standing desk up and alternate legs- stretching each one for a few minutes. I also take stretch breaks when I notice myself becoming unproductive. It helps reinvigorate me and reset my mind a bit.
Kerri F.
I don't. Just move arms or bicycle legs under desk or hands up on way to loo. Or I drop something under the desk accidentally.
August E.
I do them in my chair and focus on my neck area. I usually stretch each angle of my neck and shoulders during the day for 3 breaths each
Kim Y.
I do some arms and leg stretches in my desk or I walk around and talk with my coworkers. If I am going to do leg stretches that might look weird ( like sit ups) or I feel conscious of doing stretches, I go to the bathroom and do them there. I also set a reminder for every hour so I don't forget to get moving or to drink water. I recommend you search for Darebee workouts stretches in the web, they are useful.
Sophia I.
I'm a teacher, so I'm stretching most of the time during my classes. Writing on the witheboard, picking up things from the ground, but especially playing with my students.