What type of stretches work for stiff neck and painful joints and muscles ?

Elsa R.
I like to put my chin into my chest and reach for my ankles or toes. I feel that stretch all the way from my neck and through my back
Emily X.
Sit up straight on your left hand and and use your right on your head to stretch your neck to the right. Then repeat on the other side
Loane E.
Relaxed, long stretches will definitely work better than aggressive and short ones. Take your time and focus on your muscles.
Elle N.
In a seated position I sit on one hand, or place it under my bottom, and then tilt my head to the opposite site. This creates a lovely stretch.
Amy E.
I would have to recommend gentle stretches that won’t put any more strain one you body, so for example to stretch your neck, just roll your head from side to side; not the whole way round.