What’s your favorite stretch?

Elizabeth E.
Any stretch that allows me to elongate my back and neck. I can feel the energy flowing up and I feel like I am more empowered and in my body.
Nathan G.
It's the neck stretch. I stretch to each side, raising my arm over my head, placing the hand on my ear and pulling, to help the stretch. Then I place both hands on the back of my head pressing the head and the hands CAREFULLY together to stretch the back of the neck. I finish off with carefully rolling my head on each side. This helps relieve tension in my neck, and is excellent if you work a lot in front of a screen.
Lauren Z.
I like to do lunges the most. I'm in marching band, so lunges are really good for my legs. I can start the day with lunges, or use them to stretch my legs after a long day of marching.