Does stretching help to keep you fit?

Chiara T.
Yes it does. I used to exercise every day and I was fit and flexible but then I stopped because I had more important things to do of course I became less flexible and fit but I started again 🙂

My A.
It doesn’t necessarily help me keep fit as unfortunately I am not the most athletic, but it does keep me refreshed and active in the morning!

Kenzi P.
I would say that yes it does have a part to play in keeping yourself fit and healthy. If you stretch before and after doing exercise it will decrease your chance of getting injuries and help with keeping fit.

Anastasia P.
I think stretching does help to keep you fit, because it helps to warm up your muscles and get ready to move.

Stretching is also good for identifying tension or pain in your body so you can release it or heal it and feel better and more relaxed.

Rachel N.
Yes of course! Stretching is one of the best ways to keep your body limber and flexible. This allows the most range in movement whilst also challenging your body in a way that requires muscle-building & cardio, (depending on how long and intense you stretch!) Highly recommend for a healthy lifestyle!!

Nick F.
I believe stretching is very important. For me, it makes me feel less tense, more relaxed, and gives me mental clarity.

Frank Michael O.
yes! especially as a nursing mom, I need to stretch out my neck, back and arms to avoid pain and stiffness. it's essential tbh 😊

Ava A.
Actually, yes. I notice a huge change in my muscles after stretching every morning. It allows be to feel more relaxed as well as preparing me for daily activities like fitness.

Carla O.
Yes, mobility is one of the tenants of fitness. Strength, flexibility, stamina and cardiovascular health are all important.

Anju N.
I'm not the right person to answer this, but no, I don't think so. Stretching is very important for your body tho, especially after workout.

Frideriki P.
Of course it does. I just finished my stretching session and already feel more energized. I recommend after a stretching session take a 7min exercise session as well. Hope this helped

Alan E.
Stretching helps me not keep stress in certain areas such as my neck and my lower back. I feel a sense of relief. I don’t know if it’s helping with my weight but I have been feeling better movement wise

Antwan N.
Yes, stretching does help me because the activity puts the mind of stretching towards working out. Stretching can cause workouts at a high chance.

Evelyn O.
I’m not sure if it’s helping me keep fit necessarily, but it’s getting my body moving, relaxing any tense muscles, and can be relieving physically and mentally.

Beatrice N.
Yes it does, stretching is great for your muscles.
Especially after a workout a little stretch will help the muscles recover faster and with less pain!

Just S.
yes,it helps fixing my body posture, reduce the risk of getting back pain, and it also boost my mood every morning so I'll feel calm during online classes

Graciliano C.
Stretching can help you to grow taller, but to keep fit is a low percent chance. I suggest you to do some other exercise other than stretching.

Cora Z.
I've only been stretching for a while so i'm not 100% sure. All I really know is that it definitely keeps you energised and ready for the day. As far as I have gotten I believe that it might. 🙂

Coby C.
I agree but I think it's more of a microcosm of exercise where it helps you ease into a workout, prevent injuries, and just be in the right place.

Tony Z.
Yes! Stretching has helped me feel different parts of my body I never knew existed! I am grateful to myself for taking 10mins out of my busy day to focus inward, to give that time to me. It helps me love the body I’m in.

Noa N.
Stretching is amazing !
I don’t know about keep me fit… I guess that aerobic activity is better for fitness. But stretching give my body power and energy 4 all of the day.

Riley W.
Stretching is the simplest action that can spark a physical change. It is a direct decision to commit to movement, and it creates a strong foundation for the day ahead, and the days beyond!

Luna G.
Stretching does help me be fit. It helps your muscles loosen as well as it relieves stress. Some stretches I do is a straddle reach and a pike reach. Hope this helps!

Debbie F.
It depends in what sense you mean with fit.
It wont make you stronger or faster directly,but it will help to make you muscle function better, prevent injuries, increase mobility to name a few