Does stretching help to keep you fit?

Chiara T.
Yes it does. I used to exercise every day and I was fit and flexible but then I stopped because I had more important things to do of course I became less flexible and fit but I started again 🙂
My A.
It doesn’t necessarily help me keep fit as unfortunately I am not the most athletic, but it does keep me refreshed and active in the morning!
Kimberly E.
Yes! Specially if you have a sedentary lifestyle and work. Sitting all day can't be good for you so starting the day by stretching out your body is a great way to prepare you and give you more energy for the day! It also helps you to keep a better posture.
Kenzi P.
I would say that yes it does have a part to play in keeping yourself fit and healthy. If you stretch before and after doing exercise it will decrease your chance of getting injuries and help with keeping fit.
Tomothy Y.
It is not just that. It helps me wake up in the morning and be more active. And let's not forget that during the day my bines don't crack anymore
Elaaf J.
Yes, in terms of creating habits and routines, we will constantly keep tasks accomplished without decreasing.When there is no daily and healthy routine that we do, the brain will be distracted and we will find ourselves only sitting and eating without sports or productivity that contribute to improving our intellectual, cultural and material lives as well.
Olly F.
I think that stretchi very important in general because it helps you to wind your joints and it's important to start the day without cramps ^^
Jacqueline E.
Stretching does help me stay fit because it helps me become flexible and it improves my circulation. It’s important to stretch before and after working out.
Anastasia P.
I think stretching does help to keep you fit, because it helps to warm up your muscles and get ready to move.

Stretching is also good for identifying tension or pain in your body so you can release it or heal it and feel better and more relaxed.

Lesley N.
I’am just in the process of finding out but I think it certainly is going to keep you fitter than not doing anything! I feel good after the stretches I’ve done and I feel as if it is making me more flexible and better balanced and it is working many muscle groups so I thing the answer would have to be yes!
Rachel N.
Yes of course! Stretching is one of the best ways to keep your body limber and flexible. This allows the most range in movement whilst also challenging your body in a way that requires muscle-building & cardio, (depending on how long and intense you stretch!) Highly recommend for a healthy lifestyle!!
Calvin R.
It helps me wake up. I always feel better and more ready for the day when o take a few deep breaths and wake up my muscles.
Nick F.
I believe stretching is very important. For me, it makes me feel less tense, more relaxed, and gives me mental clarity.
Luna G.
Stretching does help me be fit. It helps your muscles loosen as well as it relieves stress. Some stretches I do is a straddle reach and a pike reach. Hope this helps!
Frank Michael O.
yes! especially as a nursing mom, I need to stretch out my neck, back and arms to avoid pain and stiffness. it's essential tbh 😊
Ava A.
Actually, yes. I notice a huge change in my muscles after stretching every morning. It allows be to feel more relaxed as well as preparing me for daily activities like fitness.
Carla O.
Yes, mobility is one of the tenants of fitness. Strength, flexibility, stamina and cardiovascular health are all important.
Natalie S.
Stretching is one fragment of being fit. Being fit has several components. It helps your body remain flexible so as to avoid many issues that persons develop as they grow older. It helps your muscles remain pliable and allow for delivery of nutrients throughout the body easier. It aids in injury prevention during exercise and unexpected events allowing the muscles to do movements without strain.
Ma Lie Q.
Well for me stretching does not keep me for,I have a long way to go but stretching makes me feel better and motivates me to to keep going as well.
Zdenka A.
Yes, I can relax, so I feel better after stretching my body. I can forget al what make me stress. And I can keep myself fit
Charlie N.
I always stretch before a work out so I don’t pull any muscles etc… so yeah I’m sure it will have some benefit to keeping fit
Anju N.
I'm not the right person to answer this, but no, I don't think so. Stretching is very important for your body tho, especially after workout.
Luis W.
I stretch throughout the day and before bed. I have a desk job so I am sure to hit all parts of my body. Legs, hips, back, neck, shoulder, and wrist
Frideriki P.
Of course it does. I just finished my stretching session and already feel more energized. I recommend after a stretching session take a 7min exercise session as well. Hope this helped
Marta N.
Yesterday, on day 1, I've noticed how tight are my muscles especially the shoulders. It hurt when I started. Today was much better
Alan E.
Stretching helps me not keep stress in certain areas such as my neck and my lower back. I feel a sense of relief. I don’t know if it’s helping with my weight but I have been feeling better movement wise
Lee J.
i wouldn't say it keeps you "fit", but it definitely stretches and relaxes your muscles more so that it will reduce the
chances of becoming tense.
Antwan N.
Yes, stretching does help me because the activity puts the mind of stretching towards working out. Stretching can cause workouts at a high chance.
Grace S.
I think it’s definitely better than no physical activity at all but I don’t think it’s as impactful as an actual workout.
Evelyn O.
I’m not sure if it’s helping me keep fit necessarily, but it’s getting my body moving, relaxing any tense muscles, and can be relieving physically and mentally.
Beatrice N.
Yes it does, stretching is great for your muscles.
Especially after a workout a little stretch will help the muscles recover faster and with less pain!
Brooklyn C.
Personally, I think for me it wakes me up on the morning a bit, but doesn't help me keep fit. I think that overall it helps with flexibility and strength FOR exercises that keep you fit
Just S.
yes,it helps fixing my body posture, reduce the risk of getting back pain, and it also boost my mood every morning so I'll feel calm during online classes
Debbie F.
It depends in what sense you mean with fit.
It wont make you stronger or faster directly,but it will help to make you muscle function better, prevent injuries, increase mobility to name a few
Graciliano C.
Stretching can help you to grow taller, but to keep fit is a low percent chance. I suggest you to do some other exercise other than stretching.
Leyla E.
Yes, immensely. Stretching is even more important than strength training or cardio. It keeps us flowing and it keeps our joints healthy. I sit down for the most part of the day but as soon as I feel any kind of tension, I stand up and I stretch out as much as I can
Mauriyah J.
yes, for me stretching gives you a chance to breathe, think, and relax. In order for me to start my day i have to stretch to wake myself up and get ready to start my morning routine
Mary N.
If you're continuously working for like after 1 hour or so Stretching is very good. It will relax our mind I mean mental pressure. It's my experience.
Lucas F.
I think streching is great first thing in the morning after a long night's sleep you get your blood flowing and moving around and some bones crack but in a good way you shake off all the places that hold tension and release them to feel better😃
Cora Z.
I've only been stretching for a while so i'm not 100% sure. All I really know is that it definitely keeps you energised and ready for the day. As far as I have gotten I believe that it might. 🙂
Coby C.
I agree but I think it's more of a microcosm of exercise where it helps you ease into a workout, prevent injuries, and just be in the right place.
Eve B.
I think when I stretch regularly and feel more mobile and flexible, I’m more likely to exercise because I feel more able to, so in that sense: yes I think it does.
Elizabeth T.
Yes it does. It keeps your muscles limber and elastic. It promotes better blood circulation. This helps you keeps them productive longer it to you life. It helps you bounce back after a workout or an injury.
Gong A.
It does. I would like to increase my flexibility b/c stretching is my new best friend. I was going through some habits and came across stretching. My mom wanted me to stretch 2-3 times a day. I kept doing it and doing it and I became to enjoy it! It’s only for a minute, so it’s not that hard. I recommend trying it!
Tony Z.
Yes! Stretching has helped me feel different parts of my body I never knew existed! I am grateful to myself for taking 10mins out of my busy day to focus inward, to give that time to me. It helps me love the body I’m in.
Aaradhya X.
Yes, sure it does to me, but sometimes I feel like going down there are many gaters who keeps on demotivating me all the time so bc of that I couldn't focus properly and can't do well.
But I am strong and will be if the whole world will be against me na then I will just believe in my self bc I am stronger that I think. 💪
Noa N.
Stretching is amazing !
I don’t know about keep me fit… I guess that aerobic activity is better for fitness. But stretching give my body power and energy 4 all of the day.
Herminia N.
Yes, stretching let’s me do more without getting sore. In my opinion everyone should stretch at least once a week or even everyday.
Leyla E.
Yes of course. A lot of fitness experts say that it’s the second most important thing after rolling out your muscles. So the importance chain is: muscle rolling > stretching > cardio > weight training.
Riley W.
Stretching is the simplest action that can spark a physical change. It is a direct decision to commit to movement, and it creates a strong foundation for the day ahead, and the days beyond!
Hannah J.
Yeah because stretching helps relax an of course stretch the muscles before you work on them I also stretch to be more flexible for cheerleading