How long do you stretch for?

Frida Andersen
Well, I used to be a yoga instructor and personal trainer and fell off the wagon for many many years now. So I am literally allowing myself the freedom to do a 1-5 minute stretch for right now just to build the habit in baby steps. Hope this helps!

Vanderléia Vieira
On a good day? I usually stretch for 10 to 15 minutes. If not at least for two minutes just to get some stretch and blood flowing through my arms and legs.

Darciana Fogaça
For as long as I feel like I need to, but usually, I quickly stretch for 1-3 minutes in the morning to wake up and 5-10 after exercising.

Maurice Burns
I usually stretch for about 20 minutes every morning. If I happen to be running late, I don’t skip stretching; I just stretch for 5 minutes instead by decreasing the reps.

Reginald Stewart
Less than a minute. Stretching is important to keep your muscles relaxed and not stiff. So it’s better to stretch longer.

Jean Roger
I try to take at least five minutes to stretch everyday. Some days I'll do yoga for just over 30 minutes. I try to do this at least twice a week.

Ricardo Gomez
I usually stretch out for about five minutes. I do my neck side to side. Then work on my arms and my back is last. I also do mini stretches throughout the day. Since I work on the computer I get up every 30 minutes to an hour to stretch out my shoulders and legs

Hunter Montgomery
Usually 2 minutes before I get distracted. Then I return to stretching multiple times throughout the day, short sessions of 10-15 seconds every hour. I want to change to extended active stretching sessions preworkout such as 5 minutes of lunges, walking, and aerobic stretching.

Danielle Bowman
I stretch for 11 minutes using the video provided but I have modified some of the stretches to poses that I am a little more comfortable with. I also try to remember my yoga instructions and pay attention to my body. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and can feel some of my strength returning. It feels so good to stretch!

Rossano Caldeira
Most of the time when I stretch its for 10 to 15 minutes. I don't want me muscles to be sore when I practise yoga, after that, because it makes it difficult to do all your exercises, especially if you add crunches to your daily workout. For me its 100 crunches, and has been since all my 45 pounds.

Kerstin Ehrhardt
I typically stretch in the morning and in the evening between 10-20 minutes. I do Baxter Bell’s Morning Series and a few other asanas which gets my body warmed up for the day. I actually do this series in bed before I get up out of bed. It allows me to wake up gently and not feel stiff. In the evening I do a series of slow sensory yoga postures, or SATYA movements as taught by Tias Little. This series of posture helps slow down the breathe and heart rate before bedtime making for a better nights sleep.

Charles Jacobs
I'm doing this only for a couple of weeks and I admit to say that I feel more energised. Even with those 3 minutes of stretching.