What’s your favorite stretch position?

Andre C.
My favourite position is mostly prostrate with my arms fold back to support my head. The opposite side where I lay on the back with my arms supporting the head still is enjoyable as well.
Karsten Y.
When it comes to any kind of cleaning, I recommend doing it in 10-15 min daily intervals. For someone like me who thinks of cleaning as a long chore, it's easier for me to tell myself "I'm going to work on dusting for 10 minutes" than it is to say "I'm going to dust the house." Some may find that once they've started, they won't stop until it's done. I, on the other hand, dusted today for 15 min, did not finish and will repeat the same thing tomorrow until it's done. For me, incremental cleaning removes the drudgery of cleaning and gives me a needed excuse to step away from the screen and get up to move. I started these increments at 10 min and recently added 5 min. This way, I'll be able to build my endurance so the house can be even cleaner! With anything though, start small and don't push yourself or you'll burn out before you even start.