How long do you typically take to stretch and do you concentrate on any specific area of your body?

Melanie E.
I don't have a fixed amount of time for stretching like the app suggests. I just stretch the sore muscles from the previous days' efforts but I also focus on my back and core (planks). Hope this helps!
Kelly O.
Most days I end up stretching longer than the one minute that it prompts me to do, but there's something about saying, "okay I only have to do this for one minute" that makes me start it. If it said "5 minutes" I think I'd be less likely to get started, but once I'm in it, I can go for 5 minutes easily. I focus mostly on my legs and hips because I have some misalignment in my pelvis that causes pain. Most of my stretches are from a seated position or on my back.
Alison E.
Hi! I like to stretch a little bit of the entire body but there have been some occasions when I had to stretch one particular area longer than others due to the way it was feeling (tightness soreness etc.) but instead of worrying about the part of the body, sometimes I like to just feel it out, hold the stretch for as long as it feels needed, instead of quickly rushing through just to cover everything
Ferenc X.
My calves are particularly stiff, so I love stretching my legs until I hear that satisfying pop. I also enjoy bending down to touch my toes, and then hanging there, allowing my body to naturally sway to wherever needs attention. By the time I straighten, I feel like I’ve shaked a couple cobwebs off.
Constance E.
When I stretch, I like to spread out where I stretch all over my body. To me, it just helps my body to feel loose and realaxed if I stretch everywhere.
Julia W.
I try to focuse mainly on my joints and upper back which is my tensest area, and take around 15 to 20 minutes acording to thw stifness of my body
Maddison Z.
I normally stretch for less than ten minutes and yes, I do try to focus on a certain area, in my case it's the hamstrings and the shoulders