Do you follow a particular routine or do you tend to stretch what’s feeling tense at that time?

Rita Q.
I generally have no routine. I get up at the last minute and then rush out of the door. I need to get to bed earlier so I have energy for the next day.
R Bia O.
I usually start with the neck stretches, then shoulders, arms, wrists, trunk/waist rotations, side stretches, hip stretch, thighs, knees, ankles and then a full body stretch.
Luis Y.
Great question. Right now it's always my lower back because I have tightness and pain. But I think I need to get on a better regimen of doing a full body stretch, maybe a Sun salutation for 10 minutes. Thanks for making me think about that. I'm gonna start that today.
Silje Y.
I keep to the same routine absolutely. If I’m not feeling it I will experiment on my day at home and try to find something to swap it out for.
Alicia F.
Depends on the day. Stretches are usually included in my workout routines, from yoga and other things, but that is in the afternoons or evenings. But I like to start my morning out with light stretching to get my heart pumping and to wake up.
Sol Ne E.
I think my answer is “yes” because my routine focuses on what tends to feel tense due to my lifestyle (walking a lot, sitting in a desk for a long time, looking at a screen, etc)
Christoffer F.
I usually just do whatever feels good. Your body needs different things at different times, so I'm trying to listen to that more and be okay with change rather than just follow a strict routine all the time.
Heidi T.
I stretch what is tense at that moment to give my body a release and to make sure that I'm not over strrtching muscles that are just fine.
Orestes E.
I actually follow this 5 mins stretch.

Been doing it for a week, works for me with my busy life style. I do little more stretching on my back. I need to find a stretching exercise for my back.