What time should I do my stretches?

Johanne W.
I do mine at bedtime as a means to unwind and relax. There are even modified bedtime yoga routines to do in bed before sleep.

Timeo E.
I stretch as part of my wake up routine along with brushing my teeth – and of course drinking a glass of water. I’m pretty sedentary so taking a few minutes to stretch gives me a bit of energy for the day.

Arianna J.
When it suits you. Anything you do should fit in with your schedule so you enjoy and get the benifit.
Stretching can be used to help wake your body up, release waste and tension after exercising or help to release the days activities with a stretch before bed!!! Whenever you want as often as you want

Eric Z.
I do a gentle stretches first thing when I wake up after my glass of water and my breathing excercise as part of my getting up routine. That’s everyday regardless. Later if excercise is part of my planned day, I do a more intense stretch.

Karla P.
I think it's better to do your stretches immediately after you wake up in the morning. It helps you to get up and start your day easily.
If it's hard for you to do that before getting out of bed in the morning you may do your stretches at night before going to bed. This helps you to remove your stress and helps your body to relax before you go asleep.
If you are so busy at work I think it's a great idea to stop your work for a minute during your work hours, stand up and stretch!

Mille C.
Try stretching immediately after a workout to condition and relax your muscles. If you don’t have enough time to exercise in the morning, doing stretches is a great way to improve circulation and gain more flexibility.

Roy S.
I find it best helpful when I stretch first thing in the morning after a glass of water gently awakening myself. It helps me get out of bed.

Courtney U.
Its prefered to do it in the morning because in the morning your are up and ready. I personally think it will also help you to feel more mobilized through out the day

Ann O.
Anytime you feel tension anywhere or if you have been sitting for a while. A great time also is after a workout to amplify the benefits and feel good. Also if injured or in pain a regular stretch helps.

Marie N.
Before and after working out and any other time during your day. I do it after my study time and need to get the blood flowing again.