What’s the best way to do it?

Edwin E.
Actually it is just to do it. Even if you don't complete the task, you did start it. Because when you start it, you get that feeling that it is not to difficult to complete. Try it and you will get that feeling of success or 'I can do this' which sparks the trigger of completion and the power to do it again.
Ambre P.
the fabulous program really changed me in very positive way with small actions like drinking water in the morning for 3days strats and now i am doing afternoon yoga and streching before sleep, which is really helpful*
first of all, i really like receving new messages & letters from the fabulous team, also the alarm mentioning each time encouraging me to go forward everyday, building new good habits. i feel i am growing towards good direction but not alone. i don't feel lonely. that is the most fabulous part ever from my experience of last few days so far. with this lovely app♥ thank u! i am deeply appropriated.
Herwig S.
For me it’s doggy style but each to there own,as long as both parties are comfortable and having fun just experiment,see what you like and enjoy it:)