How long do you spend stretching? Do you think it’s still beneficial to only stretch for five minutes?

Hannen R.
I am starting this journey at 6 months pregnant I started stretching for 1 to 2 mins the first week and now I'm up to 3 to five mins. My goal is to do a total body stretch the type that makes u feel so good after but given I haven't stretched or worked out in years I'm taking it slow and listening to my body. I push a lil more than my body wants but at a slow easy pace. It's frustrating for me to do baby steps but it's what's helping me keep at it. Eventually i want a 20 min whole body stretch to be as flexible as can be!!
Michal Z.
I am only on the one minute challenge but I have it twice a day morning and might. I think some is always better than none, and usually I wind up doing more than one minute or I find ways to stretch a muscle throughout the day since I already stretched some that morning. Once you are super athletic it will take more than a few mins to stretch to be optimal but honestly even one minute of stretching further than your limit helps
Lindsey N.
I stretch as long as I can (sometimes less than 5 minutes) or as long as I feel it's helping my muscles which can be more than 15 minutes. I listen to my body. Sometimes I don't need to stretch 15 minutes but other times it really needs a few sessions of 15 minutes in a day. Listen and feel what your body is telling you.
Brittany N.
I stretch for five minutes in my morning routine, and I think it’s greatly beneficial. It helps activate all my muscles for the day, and it’s satisfying to notice the way that my exercise from the previous day has tightened them.