Do you stretch everyday? What is the frequency that you shoot for? When do you get it in?

Reginald T.
I stretch everyday as it makes me connect with my body for a short while and give me an update on how my physical body is doing. I typically forget about my physical durring the day so to stretch at night has been good and to conect with my body in the morning is even better.
Davina G.
I don’t do a full body stretch every day but try and fit other stretches into my daily routine, hamstring stretch waiting for the kettle to boil, calf stretches on the bottom step when I use the stairs. Etc. Although these might seem very short I am hoping that tiny practices like this will be enough .
Gerald C.
I’m trying to start the habit of stretching everyday but not every day I feel like exercising, so when I don’t exercise I feel discouraged to do any stretching either. I need to build both habits. I get stretching and exercising in the morning, stretching before AND after I exercise.
Troy U.
I try to shoot for at least a few minutes of stretching every single day. Sometimes I'll forget, other times I want to stretch everything, either way; I always feel better after.

Stretching has this way of increasing your focus and energy without actually doing much. The increased blood flow throughout your body just makes you feel alive and ready to go.