Is stretching every day bad?

Caitlin C.
Whilst I'm not a medical proffessional, I highly doubt daily stretching could be harmful, provided the muscles are adequately warm. Whilst doing the same excersices everyday can be detrimental, I believe doing the same stretches everyday is important to maintain and increase flexibility.
Gabriel Q.
Absolutely not. Stretch has helped me release stress and be more flexible. But I don't do it every day 'cause I always forget lol. But if you feel like your body needs a break, don't hesitate to take a day off.
Lola E.
I feel better now after 4 days of stretching. Back hurts less. My mood is better in the mornings. Small reason to be proud and happy in the morning.
Martin U.
It’s always good to stretch the body it ensures that blood flows through your entire body and relaxes the fascia to keep you flexible do it as often as you can
Alyssia Q.
No and it starts to feel great. I mean gentle stretches not all out exertion. Just gets blood flowing and everything moving better
Eva Q.
No, it is not. Stretching every day helps you becoming more flexible and reaching your goals… but as with everything, you should listen to your body.
Maria O.
No! You need to stretch and warm up before any strenuous exercise so that you won't hurt yourself. Stretching is unlikely to hurt you.
Amadis Q.
Absolutely not, stretching every day, and truly taking the time to challenge every bit of my body, continuously builds my flexibility and simple body strength. In addition to that, I am far less sore and achy than I was before I started stretching every day.
Baqui T.
I think stretching everyday is extremely beneficial for one’s health. It allows the muscles to flex and move reaching out and gaining flexibility. Stretching also helps with regulating blood flow and circulation. It’s relaxing and is essential if you workout regularly. But don’t over stretch! Stream has at a comfortable level and safety first not every stretch is a good one!
Gene P.
It’s definitely not a bad thing because I started to feel more energize and my muscles are not as stiff after I stretch.
Ianis S.
Stretching excessively might be, but rolling your head to each side, lifting your arms, stretching your back gor a few minutes each morning gives you a good bloodflow through the day.
Frederick F.
I’m sure it can be, but the question is more about what you’re doing and why? Stretching in ways that feel good and help your mood are great. If something hurts, don’t do it! Do a little research and stick with what works for you. It’s your body- you live here! Permission to customize to fit your needs and personality granted. You got this!
Michael N.
Of course not! Stretching everyday pulls at those tight muscles that have been just sitting for hours. Stretching is also important to do before every workout because it prepares your body for the exertion it will soon have to endure. This makes injury less likely. Also, stretching just makes you feel good! You know how whenever you first wake up, you feel the need to just stretch? Do it! This is important to keep you healthy! It also is one of the first stimulants of the day, which can make waking up in the morning ten times easier. Moreover, stretching every day is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
Devon P.
I don’t see how stretching can be bad, but it’s always important not to push yourself too hard because that will work against you. Just some mild stretching 10-20 minutes a day should be a great thing.
Alfredo Q.
I don’t know if it is bad but I think that is good way to improve your flexibility and if you don’t do it every day you lose it
Emily C.
Stretching every day is vital to keep your muscles Lincoln down and balance. Always a good thing to do! Several times a day as well
Andrey E.
I really don't think so. I do it every day because I know is good and I also love to stretch. But if easy stretching causes pain, it might not be a good thing to practice daily.
Lohan E.
Stretching frequently doesn't sound bad at all. The danger of stretching is not about the number of times we do it each week but to stretching with a child body… If I have not warmed up my muscles in the first place and I stretch , I'm prove to injury
Christopher B.
I have never thought it could be. But now that you've asked, I am thinking it could be and perhaps I don't know. I don't think so is all I have got.
Lana W.
I don't have the scientific answer for this but I tried it everyday for so long and did not have any problems, your muscles get sore and need to be stretched right?
Have a nice day I hope your weekend will be great.
Albert Z.
At least at the begining you have to rest your body enough to build itself after stretch if you are a nivis. If you work on computer neck stretches definitly help you everyday but other than you can focus on one part of body, core, hand, thights , neck, back in random