Do you find the stretch habit helps you at all?

Brigette O.
Yes, it's a great reminder that I've been sitting too long. 1 min is a satisfying, but not time consuming, stretch. I call it "stretchy cat".
Freddie N.
Yes. Stretching in the morning and evening helps me relieve any stress or stiffness from the day or night. In the morning it helps me get up and go and in the evening it helps me feel more relaxed for the night ahead.
Beverley J.
The stretching habit does help me. I love to get loosened up in the mornings, it really helps me get things going. This app teaching me about small celebrations in a way that really hit home for me has made everything easier to do. 5 second happy danceses and little pep talks full my days now, and I'm all the better for it.
Aija T.
I'm stretching around 2PM. It is middle of my work time and I use it as a switch from one part of the day to other. After 4 hours of sitting it is really good refresher.