Do you find it harder to stretch first thing in the morning?

Lucas Chapman
Yes, my mornings are very busy and I already do yoga in the morning so I think that it's easier before bed. Plus it can be relaxing.

Gregory Powell
It doesn’t have to be! Wake up and do your stretches in bed (I honestly count that) and then get up and ask yourself what part of your body needs extra attention today… and give it to yourself!

Rodney Chambers
It is not easy. But a simple stretch like doing 3 sun salutations help wake up your body . The first cycle is not great, but the stretch gets better as we proceed

Emil Mortensen
i think it is harder because your body has been rly still for hours !! but its a great way to start the morning. im looking forward to doing it a lot in august

Theodoros Rieder
Yes it is definitely harder to do it in the morning. Kids are awake and wanting things if I try to do it before the kids are awake I end up falling back to sleep on the floor.

Joe Edwards
Sometimes. Now that I have a morning meditation routine, I find myself up earlier and doing a short yoga session. If I don't do that, I will often stretch in the evening as I get ready for bed

Chris Wendler
Yes! It's perfectly normal for your body to be less stretchy in the morning after having been in bed all night. It's best to breathe with the stretch, and don't expect to be able to reach your full stretching potential – always aim for your best though!

Thea Madsen
Yes, my muscles are always really tight! Since they’re always tight stretching is important, it gets me ready and loosened up for the day!