Yes. Can you give me some exemples of Stretch habits?

Barbara N.
I do the clenched fits habitat while I'm still in bed in the morning. Then standing next to my bed I do my body stretches. I focus on any areas that are causing me issues. Mine are my legs and hips. I use my bed as a stabilizer if I doing one leg stands. But much of what I do are low impact yoga. Sun Salutation, Side moon stretches, triangle pose.
Andres C.
You will feel great stretching when you wake up with a 10min session, even accomplishing a yoga session before breakfast. Stay hydrated.
Heiner S.
As soon as I wake up, I breathe then get out of my bed and stretch my body by pulling my interlocked hands upward. Then I bend down and touch my feet with legs straight.. after this, I strecth my neck side to side then up down and then I breathe again.
Mallika N.
FitOn is a free fitness app that has a lot of short stretch sessions. There's even at work sessions that are very short like 2 minutes and can be done near your desk! It's helpful to target different muscle groups, stretching your upper body can be done while sitting. Stretching your lower body before bed can be very relaxing. This helps incorporate different stretches into your day.
Harold Z.
Child pause , cobra pause, stretching all the muscle from stretching routine after exercising dont knownthe names but the point is to feel good and empowered after a good stretch