What’s the most important part of the body to stretch every morning?

Jonathan W.
For me it's always my shoulders and back. When those parts are sore, tense, or hurt, it affects the rest of my day poorly. I've also found it leads to worse posture, which in turn leads to worse back/shoulder pain.

Mari T.
You need to listen to your body. For me, the most important parts to stretch are my arms and shoulders. These are the parts that are the most strained for me in my job. Other people might find that they need yo stretch their legs or their back more.

Rishika T.
The back and the arms! Honestly, I can do well without stretching my legs but stretching my back and my arms gives me an internal boost of energy I didn't even know I had.

Alysha F.
I find my legs; calves and thighs to be the most satisfying, but being at a desk all day, it is my back, neck and shoulders that are the most important.

Jhanna S.
I hold stress in my neck and shoulders, so I make sure I stretch them regularly to reduce stiffness and preemptive agitation.

Alet Ia C.
Personally, it’s my back. My back assists me in sitting, standing, lifting, laying down that I sometimes forget how important it is. Stretching my back (or cracking it) helps relieve pain and tension that I may be feeling.

Murad Z.
Legs, Arms and your Neck. Maybe your Back, too. I stretch all of these parts when I wake up in the morning or after naps, even after sitting for too long. Out of all these body parts, I think it's safe to say that the lower body parts like your legs and calves are the most important because you do more movements with them during the day.

Harold Q.
I think that the most important stretch of the body would be my legs,asI have hyper-extensive knees, so I always lightly stretch my legs to stop them from straining.

Casey X.
Every part of the body is important to stretch that we’re able to b/c we will be using every part to go throughout the day so leaving a part as less then another doesn’t make much sense to me!

Kasper E.
your back and shoulders! a lot of us spend most of our time bent over desks and looking at computers, so it's important to stretch that part of the body.

Germana F.
For me, I enjoy physically stretching my back since I experience aches particularly in that area. I do downward dog (which also lengthens the knees), child’s pose, and seal pose. As a dancer, it is important for me to maintain flexibility as well!

Olivia W.
For me it's the back and shoulders, if I'm feeling tense in those muscles I feel it in every movement throughout the day

Yolanda E.
Neck is most important part of body to stretch every morning. It prevents pre aging lines and give a fabulous look. If you have perfect neck you will look more graceful and attractive.