What’s the most important part of the body to stretch every morning?

Alice S.
the neck and shoulders really helps relieve tension and give you a great start to the day
otherwise, loosening up the hips and lower back is helpful to feel awake and mobile
Hans W.
My feet. They will bring me places all through out my day. Stretching the feet/ankles improves circulation in the body.
I will honor my feet my stretching them well each morning to be prepared for whatever journey may lie ahead 🙂
Yolanda E.
Neck is most important part of body to stretch every morning. It prevents pre aging lines and give a fabulous look. If you have perfect neck you will look more graceful and attractive.
Jim Y.
Hands and hips. Maybe legs too. They are the most unmoved part of the body in the night. And I need to stretch every day. 😁
Ruby E.
Your neck 'hygene' is extremely important, especially since most of us are looking down at our phone, laptops etc for long periods of the day. Simple neck rotations and holding your head to one side (each side) is enough to just get those muscles warmed up, helping to prevent cramps, knots and tension headaches 🙂
Grace T.
the most important part to me is your back, especially if you are at a desk all day. if you hunch over a lot then stretching your back can help you not get any back problems in the future. i also think it’s important because it can help your posture as well.
Jennifer B.
I feel that a whole body stretch is important as you will use all of your muscles throughout the day. However if I have to choose Iwould say my lower back and legs are my most important stretches of the day. I spend alot of time walking and standing so it is imperative that I stretch my legs and back. Bending to touch my toes is a must. I like to hang there for a few moments to really let the stretch set in. Then I have to touch my right hand to left foot and left hand to my right foot. It is crucial for me to breathe during the stretches because your body will naturally get deeper into the stretch.
Carson B.
I think the most important part of your body to stretch in the morning is your back. Stretching your back will help you align your spine after you’ve slept and will give love to all the little bones that love there.
Sarah O.
Every part of the body is important to stretch in the morning because it makes me feel free and it makes me feel like i can achieve anything i want.
Paula P.
I think it depends on you, when I wake up and feel really sore in an area, I usually stretch that one the most. I also stretch areas that are my problem areas (for example, I have neck pain most days).
Jonathan W.
For me it's always my shoulders and back. When those parts are sore, tense, or hurt, it affects the rest of my day poorly. I've also found it leads to worse posture, which in turn leads to worse back/shoulder pain.
Nora T.
For me personally it's back. My back especially lower back needs some stretching. It's really a good feeling, considering we spend so much of our time hunched over.
Aparajita F.
I feel like the back and neck are the most important things to stretch. We usually have terrible posture due to slouching and looking at our phones so it is important to stretch our neck and back.
Sara E.
In my personal opinion, for myself and my body, I prefer to stretch out my back, carefully. My day goes so much better and smoother, when I'm not in back pain all day long. Stretching, versus grabbing Tylenol all day long, is so much more of a relief. I make sure to do my toe touches, standing and sitting. I reach high to the sky (ceiling), and hold it for a few seconds. I also try to twist at the waist, and this really helps me a lot! I also feel that loosening up the torso, makes mobility easier for the rest of the body.
Joana E.
For me personally, it's the back and hamstrings. Those are usually the tightest after a night of sleep and since I spend the whole day at work standing and walking around it helps me get ready for the day ahead, and get by the end of the day with my legs feeling less sore.
Mari T.
You need to listen to your body. For me, the most important parts to stretch are my arms and shoulders. These are the parts that are the most strained for me in my job. Other people might find that they need yo stretch their legs or their back more.
Rishika T.
The back and the arms! Honestly, I can do well without stretching my legs but stretching my back and my arms gives me an internal boost of energy I didn't even know I had.
Ngelo P.
Neck and back. These are so important for daily function, I stretch mine every morning. Just a quick twist, pull or anything really will do the trick and get your day going.
Jennifer S.
I believe that it’s important to stretch your spine in the morning, it helps to wake me up. Once I get my spine, legs and arms stretched out I feel fully awake and ready for the day.
Gaspard E.
Every part of your body is important to stretch every day but the muscles I use the most are my legs back arms and shoulders ( this is different for everyone of course ) so take note of whatever muscles or parts of your body you’re using the most every day and what muscles are in constant use and stretch them really well. ( if it hurts, stop! You shouldn’t be stressing your muscles! )
Beatriz N.
This is important cause you get more energy for making tasks every day, you feel better in your body and less the pain on articulation
Anshika T.
I think the most important part of body to stretch is the back. I always stretch it first then goes to my hands, shoulders and lastly legs. I do stretch my legs more than other part of my body as I remain sedentary mostly throughout my day.
Natalie U.
The knees!, you don’t normally think this is very important, but as a runner and ice skater I put a lot of stress on my knees. By stretching them, lots of tension can be relieved.
Emily N.
For me, it’s back and shoulders. Because I sleep on my side and stomach a lot I have a lot of tension in my muscles from the way I sleep. So simply rotating my shoulders and doing slow bends/rises for my back helps to relieve some of the tension. At least enough to let me get through the day.
Emily U.
For me, it’s stretching out my back and thighs each morning as I’m getting up for work. I work on a palliative/end of life ward and I find stretching out my back and thighs each morning before getting up for work really helps me to feel more awake and more agile for the shift that lies ahead.
Alysha F.
I find my legs; calves and thighs to be the most satisfying, but being at a desk all day, it is my back, neck and shoulders that are the most important.
Cynthia Y.
In the morning the best spots to stretch on your body is your arms, legs, and mind because all those things have been “asleep” along with you.
Mahmoud U.
I see the legs and the back are the most important part if the body to stretch. Stretching of these areas makes the person feel energized and vital ! That's starts the day with vitality !
Jhanna S.
I hold stress in my neck and shoulders, so I make sure I stretch them regularly to reduce stiffness and preemptive agitation.
Zeel Z.
I think it depends on the person, but for me stretching my back muscles is most important bc that's what tends to get most stiff.
Kieron Q.
I would say that stretching the spine and back and neck to open yourself up to better breathing is for me the most important.
Elizabeth N.
For me, the most important stretches are reading upwards, which stretches shoulders and lengthens torso. The stretching back with cat and cow. Then my hips and Cleves
Amelie X.
To relax and Wake up, if ur not up, you cannot do things you’re supposed to and uou don’t have the energy. You wake your muscles up and get them ready for the day
Sangwani N.
Your shoulders, neck and back. Your shoulders carry the most tension in your body and it kind of travels to your neck and back causing stiffness and pain. A light stretch in the morning can bring a lot of movement and reduce any residual back pain from sleeping in weird positions.
August B.
Well for me I think it's the neck,legs and the back because those are the places likely to hurt or feel tired as u do your work
Jacob W.
I would say whatever is sore or whatever you’re trying to get more flexible. I’m trying to make my legs more flexible, so I stretch that.
Lynn B.
I find that for me in the morning my neck is always tight so I do some neck circles and try to loosen it up. Also I recommend stretching your hips this will make you feel not as stiff when you walk. You can look up different hip openers and stretches that explain how to do them. I recommend doing pretzel and double pigeon pose. Hope this was helpful.
Mina N.
As a gymnast and dancer stretching is a very important part of my day but it doesn’t always go for very long. Most morning when I wake up I simply hold a forward fold for 1 minute to stretch my legs and back, do some shoulder and neck rolls and sit in a butterfly position. As you might be able to tell the legs and back are definitely the most important to stretch so you can carry yourself with ease.
Amy Z.
For me it's the lower back. I am a side sleeper and harbor a lot of tension in my lower back and upper shoulders. It's nice to release tension in those areas first when stretching so that those muscles are ready for the day ahead.
Linda P.
I think it’s important to take your time and stretch as many parts of the body as you can. It makes such a difference to how you feel
Jasper R.
Your joints would be the best place to start when it comes to stretching in the morning.
Don't be too harsh on your body in the morning because you just woke up after hours of not much movement. So starting from the ground up and stretching the joints would make your body feel so much better than trying to do an intense work out session.
Armand Q.
Back and neck. I’d like to stretch my back because I always sleep on my side. The fetal position when sleeping arches my back and neck. So, in the morning when I stretch, I make sure I lengthen my back(spine) including the neck. I do extra rotation for my neck stretch.
Alet Ia C.
Personally, it’s my back. My back assists me in sitting, standing, lifting, laying down that I sometimes forget how important it is. Stretching my back (or cracking it) helps relieve pain and tension that I may be feeling.
Simone N.
For me the stretch that gives the most satisfaction is the spine, so I usually go pretty thoroughly into the cat-cow pose.
Salete Z.
I think that the legs are the most important part. Because they take us way long rout day by day. They sustainable our body and including the heavy of the thoughts.
Laura Y.
I find that taking time to stretch my spine has the biggest impact on my overall well-being. Be sure to get all of the planes of motion: rolling up and down, side-to-side, rotational, gentle backbends.
Murad Z.
Legs, Arms and your Neck. Maybe your Back, too. I stretch all of these parts when I wake up in the morning or after naps, even after sitting for too long. Out of all these body parts, I think it's safe to say that the lower body parts like your legs and calves are the most important because you do more movements with them during the day.
Pablo A.
My quads are the most important for me to stretch every morning. It helps with my workouts since I’m doing a lot of bending and I need the dynamic movement to help with the exercises and promote stretching of them and my glutes. It also helps with my splits journey
Clive A.
For me I need to stretch my neck and shoulders first as these are the areas I notice first when getting anxious, as they they tighten up. Then I stretch my back and finish with arms and wrists, legs and ankles. So reAlly there isn't a most important part. It's all important!
Neptune N.
for me, it’s my back, shoulders, inner thighs and calves because it helps my posture and stretching has eliminated my bow legs. since i started training and stretching my legs, they are so slim and straight and toned now!! my posture is really good lately and i feel so good since then!
Lucija I.
I think it's gotta be my arms and my legs. My arms need to be pepared for the day filled with hard work,hugs, writing etc. My legs are going to carry me along the day. I spend extra time stretching my arms and legs just so they can be pepared for the day. 🙂
Harold Q.
I think that the most important stretch of the body would be my legs,asI have hyper-extensive knees, so I always lightly stretch my legs to stop them from straining.
Casey X.
Every part of the body is important to stretch that we’re able to b/c we will be using every part to go throughout the day so leaving a part as less then another doesn’t make much sense to me!
Metehan O.
Actually, stretching every part of your body is essentially healthier for your neurosystem, bones and muscles as well as joints. Stretching regulates your nervous system, helps your muscles to stretch and really get in for the day, helps bones to grow if your growth pallets aren’t closed and help your joints to stretch as well and stay in their healthy shape. However, what is the most essential part to stretch every morning? Well, I can tell that by understanding your daily routine better. If you are a student or work in a desk job, you need to stretch your core and your back as well as your neck more. If you carry a lot of things while you work, you need to stretch your legs, glutes, and back more. If your daily or work routine includes a lot of arm/shoulder movement or putting stress on wrists; you need to stretch your arms, wrists and shoulders as well as your chest more. However, what I suggest is focusing on every part of your body because our body works in an organized way. Please don’t forget every part of your body is yours to take care of and please take stretching seriously for that. Happy morning stretches and may you be healthy.
Wyatt U.
I believe the most important part of the body to stretch every morning is every part of your body so that you are not sore and you can move without aching
Anastasha O.
In my opinion (people might have different one), the most important is neck stretching since I usually sleep in wrong position and didn't realize it during sleeping. And then my back then arms. My legs usually are fine
Aj N.
The most important part of the body to stretch every morning is your back/spine. A healthy flexible spine aids in having a firm and solid foundation. All other body movements cannot function properly without a healthy, flexible, and strong spine.
Alice S.
i’d say neck and shoulders and back
when i start the day by loosening up my back and then all the shoulder muscles i’ve slept on weirdly during the night, i always feel so much better and more relaxed

if that doesn’t resonate with you though, focus on stretching whatever feels tightest when you wake up (it may vary from day to day) and see if that helps 🙂

Yukipooki Z.
Well for me personally, when you stretch in the morning not only does it wake you up it wakes up your muscles from being so tensed and for me it makes me really calm and ready for the day
Dan Z.
Legs are the most important part of the body in my eyes because I think that if you want to work all day long without tiring you should stretch your legs in morning
Alejandra F.
Personally, stretching my back and neck/shoulders are the most important to me everyday. I try to focus on those areas for the longest amount of time, and several times a day, since I work at a desk. This helps with my posture immensely.
Jameela X.
I think my arms and back. My arms do things for me all day and my back hurts a lot so stretching helps it only in the morning.
Suse O.
First, it makes you to move and feel your body connected. It also keep your mind away of the morning routine of what you have to do to get ready and focus only on that specific moment and how do you feel about your self. You are not only stretching your body but also stretching your mind to prepare yourself for the day ahead.
Samir F.
I stretch the neck and back along the spine. after that, the buttocks, hamstrings and shoulders, trying not to miss anything that continues the line from the neck to the coccyx. then again I return to the back and spine.
Jordann N.
Hips and Neck! Neck because a strained neck causes headaches migraines and overall bad posture. Hips because stretching hips can push back the need for hip replacement in later life. Hips also help with the legs and walking.
Kasper E.
your back and shoulders! a lot of us spend most of our time bent over desks and looking at computers, so it's important to stretch that part of the body.
Germana F.
For me, I enjoy physically stretching my back since I experience aches particularly in that area. I do downward dog (which also lengthens the knees), child’s pose, and seal pose. As a dancer, it is important for me to maintain flexibility as well!
Olivia W.
For me it's the back and shoulders, if I'm feeling tense in those muscles I feel it in every movement throughout the day
Dwight U.
In my opinion, the legs (knee tendons and muscles throughout the leg) are most important because I’m very tense there. Also i do sports that focus on legs (skiing, soccer, etc.).
Duru O.
I usually stretch my upper body the first 30 seconds, then my lower the last 30. I try to reach my toes for about 10 seconds, then stretch my neck and shoulder muscles, then I try to warm up for splits (I can't actually do them, I just do the warm up) and then I finish with reaching upwards to really stretch those back muscles.
Micheal C.
For me it’s my lower back. I’m really conscious of my frame and want to make sure I’m strong and stable enough to hold myself together.