Are there bedtime stretches that can be done without warming up?

Camila R.
I believe so; if you are moving around in the day, you shouldn’t be at real injury risk if you stretch gently. My routine before bed includes a 90-90 stretch of the quad lumborum, a lying down quad stretch, a “frog” stretch for inner groin, a lat stretch and pec stretch on a doorframe, and some neck amd shoulder stretches. Find what works for you!
Harold O.
Usually if you stretch before bedtime, then you are already warmed up because you stayed active during the day. So every stretch can be done, but of course don’t forget to listen to your body and go gentle.
James Q.
No, but warming up is a good thing. It keeps your joints and your body feeling good and keeps movement flowing within you. Not stretching can create stiffness. You can do soft relaxing stretches as oppose to ones that are also toning and require strength. Using breathing techniques, a slow pace, and “feeling what your body needs” is the best way to go and will help you get a good night’s rest.