How long should stretching take every day?

Xaver T.
If you are not used to stretching every day you could try just one minute. You could do it as part of exercise- before or after- or in morning or evening rituals. Soon you will probably want to increase because of the benefits, but don’t overwhelm yourself at the beginning.
Louis T.
Stretching can be adapted to your schedule. A quick stretching routine can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less and loosen up tight muscles. Many good short stretching routines are free on YouTube or you can put together a few of your favorite yoga stretches. Keeping stretching light and fun will help you keep it in your routine and avoid injury.
Kenneth Y.
Ideally you should be stretching for 10 minutes a day to loosen tight muscles and let go of any tension. It also helps you take time out of your day just for you.
Inaya E.
I struggle with that. When I get into my stretching and I am enjoying it, I extend the time because it’s a self care activity and I am feeling good stretching. This can lead me on days that I have a time constraint to not do it though because I feel like there is not enough time so I won’t enjoy it.

The short answer is about 20 minutes.

Marilda B.
I think it depends on the person. I aim for 12-22 minutes a day for myself since that’s where I see the greatest results. I stretch first thing in the morning; the stretching starts before I get out of the bed and end up on the floor. It feels fantastic. I end the day with 5 minutes of stretching just before I snuggle into bed.
Walter P.
I should stretch for 10-15 minutes in the morning to warm up the body; for 10 minutes before Laying down to sleep to make my body more easeful during the night, and for five minutes after working out to cool down and stretch the muscles.