What is the most satisfying stretch to you, especially after sitting at a desk?

Ninon P.
The most satisfying stretch for me, especially after sitting at a desk is the Cat-cow yoga pose. It feels like a mini spine massage. It feels great on my upper back and neck. I have severe lower back pain and this stretch feels amazing on my lower back.
L Andre S.
Anything that allows my back to bend backwards such as Cobra pose or a bridge is amazing for me. It allows me to stretch the opposite of how I've been all day and ease any tension built up in my back.
Sophia J.
I usually sit at a desk all day. So when needed I like to stretch my arms all the way up. Sometimes bend backward as far as I comfortably can while my hands rest at my waist.
Lauren F.
M favourite stretch is pigeon pose. I usually just lie down forward over the bent leg and enjoy the stretch in my hips and thighs. So relaxing 😊
Dylan A.
Standing on my feet, head straight, moving my left arm over my right and kind of pulling it. Then same with the right but over the left. My arms pop and its the most relaxing. Sitting with my legs crossed and reaching for the sky.