How do you get in the mood to stretch

Melissa O.
I am always in the mood to stretch. It feels good so I like to do it. The best time I have learned is after a walk or exercise because your muscles stretch better when they are warm.
Lohan Z.
I get into the mindset of knowing it'll make me feel better after. If I know there's a good reward at the end it's easier for me to just do it. I also do it first thing in the morning when I'm still not quite awake so I don't have any reasons not to, my brain is still trying to wake up and kind of in that weird numb sleepy stage. Once it becomes a habit it gets easier.
Herman F.
I try to Simply stick to my fabulous routine either I feel like it or not. Once I am finished I always feel really good.
Hulda O.
Before the dance classes even started, my dance instructor would play some slow music and start us off with some simple stretching exercises.starting with things like your shoulders or your neck and little by little moving to the more difficult areas. It really helped me and is still a technique I use till this day.
Carmen Z.
I stretch in the shower which gives my body the opportunity to wake up and be a bit warmer. This helps me relax into my stretches more.
Friedhold U.
I I just forced myself to do it At first. You shortly realize that it makes you feel better. And I look forward to it now.
Aid Q.
I don't really, I love to stretch in the morning right when I get out of bed, just simple stretches. Try not to make it seem like a chore, I think of it as something that makes me feel better 😊