I think some movement are not appropriate for someone who is over weight or sth What kind of stretching you are not recommended for heavy people

Luca O.
You should try to make your stretch when you’re still on bed, there are some video on YouTube about it, and it could be efficient like “normal” stretching

Kay F.
I don't think there's any particular stretch that I'd caution against, from one big person to another. There are some I physically cannot do, like the half lord of the fishes pose in yoga, but I would argue that any stretch you can do that doesn't explicitly hurt is fair game. Just be sure to warm up a bit first, or you might hurt yourself!

Baptist M.
I’d say listen to your body, move slow. If you begin to notice pain, stop, don’t try to push through it. Your stretches shouldn’t hurt. Take deep breaths & allow your body to guide you into your stretch, if your body feels tension don’t push past it, stay there, hold & breathe. Over time you’ll be able to stretch deeper. Don’t feel like you need to be doing more, where you’re at is perfect for your body. Just keep at it consistently. That’s my best advice with the knowledge I have. Hope it helps! 🙂