What kind of stretching do you recommend?

Clara P.
Bloomyoung stretching exercises and yoga. I play YouTube on my TV. It pulls up the kind of exercise I want and then I can follow along. It is fantastic. And has helped increase my exercise ability.

Sofia C.
I recommend a different stretch everyday as then you will be more likely to be more interested also then if you had a different stretch for each day of the week then you will be able to come back to a stretch and maybe that stretch would fit with the type of day you are having. I also recommend that you have a stretch such as the splits everyday so that you can develop more in one area. So I think that you should have at least two stretch’s per day and depending on your time will depend on how you stretch and how many stretch’s you do.

Brian P.
I try to be as efficient as possible due to my busy schedule so I go for simple, full body stretches. Many can be done anywhere, anytime, and they get the whole body stretched and ready. Not as good as targeted stretches, but effective if you all need is to get moving in the morning or do a very basic workout.

Valentina F.
I tend to focus on the hamstrings and lower back. Doing so tend to help me sleep better, get less cramps, and just generally feel better throughout the day.