What is the best way to stretch my lower back after a long day of work?

Walter F.
I do a set of yoga poses. I lay on the floor on my back with knees bent I pull o e knee to my chest and hold for 30 seconds or for however longer it feels comfortable then rotate to the other knee, I then do cat pose and cow pose and tree pose . The whole process takes me 10 to 15 minutes
Ugo Z.
When my lower back aches I lay on the floor, on a yoga mat, and schooch my legs up against a wall and lay there, relaxing my muscles, and breathing deeply and slowly and evenly. I lay there for a good ten minutes. Then I roll to the right pulling my knees to my chest as I turn to the right side. I lay there a bit, then get to my hands and knees and then slowly sit up and then slowly stand up and stretch my arms high over my head. Breathing slowly. Then I bring my arms to my side and I’m much more relaxed
Dylan Y.
My parents would tell me to hang upside down on the couch, or flat on the floor. Slowly raise each foot in the air one at a time. You want to do something similar to hanging from monkey bars to separate the vertebrae in your back. Hope this helps!!!
Beatrice Z.
There’s no best way for everyone. I feel like is more you finding stretches that make you feel that good pain and still can feel relieving tension. I do backbends on the floor. That’s the first thing I do once I get home from work. Try stretching the TBand as well. 2-3 active stretching positions for a couple of minutes each. Stretch during the day too. A front bend when you have some privacy or use the restrooms. Building a 5 minutes routine in the morning and night has helped me a lot as well as active stretching and contortioning training. The back pain will be a lot less with regular movements through the day.
Reza J.
Yoga uses poses called cat and cow that I remember being good for the back, if you aren’t familiar with them you should find YouTube helpful, but it involves arching the back and caving it in – alternating.