Does stretching actually make you more energized? How do you stay motivated?

Pedro J.
I do feel more energized, and just overall I feel better. It feels good to get my body stretched especially when waking up and before bed. When waking up, then stretching, it helps me wake up by getting out of bed and moving (I usually do my workouts in the mornings too). In the evenings, stretching helps me relax my muscles and helps me sleep better. The type of stretching for both is a little different. You can YouTube some morning and evening stretches. Some are short follow-along videos too. Then, when you get the hang of it, you can make your own stretches for your own needs.

Mariechen R.
Stretching improves circulation, so it certainly helps me feel more awake and energized. Staying motivated, on the other hand, is a matter of planning my day with equal parts work and fun. I like video games, so I give myself an hour of video games after every thirty minutes of studying, hour of cleaning, housework success, etc to balance my day and reward myself. It keeps me motivated and working towards my next chance to play a bit of MonHun or something like that.

Mille B.
I’m not sure if it makes me more energized but it does force me to take a moment and slow down. It’s physically feels good and releases the tension that I unintentionally carry in my shoulders. Stretching helps me get grounded.

Joann G.
Yes, it puts me in a good mood in the morning, and helps me relax at night. It is a chunck of time to preserve my energy, and use it for somthing good

Brian E.
stretching prepared the muscles for the movements they will have to do during the day. the more time spent stretching the more prepared I feel