Are there more choices for daily stretches?

Alfred W.
Plenty. Check out YouTube (yoga or stretching or flexibility as the search terms), r/flexibility, r/bodyweightfitness out maybe r/yoga. There a website called Gold Medal Bodies (and a YouTube Disney). For
Jussara S.
When I do mine I like to use the session that comes with the app, but I do many stretches that I’ve learned from being in gym class, and yoga, and from doing sports in high school. If you haven’t ever done anything like that then I would look up some good ones online.
Lucie Z.
From cat-cow moving into spiraling movements with the spine. Bending the elbows, giving space for the shoulders to move along. Letting the head move along so the cervicales join the movement. Keep it nice and slow and sweet. Eyes closed and don't think about a certain pattern. Just follow the body and breath 🙂
Fernando F.
There are tons of stretches. I’m constantly looking up stretching techniques on google. Good luck! And stay strong. You got this.
Karl Friedrich F.
Hi, I only saw the 11 minute stretch. I was also looking for a one minute stretch to complete the stretch routine challenge.
Beverly Z.
Absolutely there is a ton you can find on YouTube. Stretching pretty much is moving your body slowly and pushing it to where you’re feel a little pull but don’t strain yourself. Just move your body or your arms or legs and directions they don’t normally usually go on a daily basis. Remember only stretch after you’ve warmed up your body by walking jogging in place marching in place swinging your arms push-ups jumping jacks. Then stretch after. Never stretch your body with cold muscles.