Do you notice a difference when you stretch vs when you do not?

Elsa E.
I do! I notice that after I stretch all of my body just feels looser and my mind feels more quiet when it’s very loud all the time. I feel more calm in the moments afterwards and it just helps me feel like I can take on my day easier.
Clare Z.
1000% When I practice my stretch routine every day, I find that the lower back, neck, and shoulder pain I used to struggle with disappear. If I skip a few days, the pain will come back. Also, I live in NYC so I walk everywhere and nothing helps alleviate the muscle tension and soreness like a good stretch. Lastly, and maybe most importantly to me, I can actually feel the beautiful length and alignment of my body when I stretch consistently, which gives me more confidence and a heightened sense of purpose as I go through my day
Sayah N.
Actually, yes! But the feeling is indescribable, really, because you don’t really feel the difference until after that long relieving stretch
Ur1c3 U.
Since it's still been less than a week, not a significant difference. However, it does make me feel like I accomplished something which jumpstarts my day. 🙂
Lily N.
Yes, it makes me feel more energetic and fresh. It starts my day off nicely and I feel good after it. I feel happy after I’ve done it and I feel proud and secure about my body. It really is magical and makes a big difference 🙂
Ma Lyne U.
Yes, I often feel more active during the day and my posture gets better ( but I don’t use the fabulous stretches cause it doesn’t help that much)
Elsa E.
I do! I find that after I stretch my mind feels more quiet and my body just feels better in general. My mind is always noisy, always running, and when I stretch it just gives it a second to be still. My body can get tight, what with stress and other tolls. Stretching really helps ground me back to it and helps it to feel looser and more ready for my day.
Jonas E.
I feel like it's helpful te stay flexible, but I am not doing it for a long time now, I, m just begin sow it's to early to tell if I notice a difference..