What should I do to stretch?

Harry J.
I do whatever feels comfortable to me. Standard stretches I do are trying to touch my toes, leaning from side to side, checking in with my neck and shoulders, giving them a roll. Some mornings I feel a bit more eager and will try more advanced stretches and yoga.
Alyssia Z.
I'm following the 10 minute stretch starter. I could only do the first 2 sets to begin with as I had not done stretching exercises for years. After only a week I'm up to the fourth set and I can feel a huge difference already.
Tina O.
Is there something you want to be able to do, like a yoga pose, the splits or something else.. Find what yiu want to do first and search for an app that leads the way ^^
Lola O.
Stretch is something that helps me to fight back pain.. Remembering this is something that motivates me not to forget to stretch before sleep. So, every time I try to skip it, I should remind myself about the back pain relief I will have if I do stretching. That really helps.