When do you think is the best time to stretch?

Silas Z.
I believe it’s great to stretch in the morning. To wake up the body.
However, stretching before bed, will also be beneficial for a good nights sleep.
Villads C.
Hi, I think you can do it anytime of the day or night! I am not a specialist! I am 82 and do my own thing. I usually do it before I get out of bed.
I drink a glass of water, from a thermos on my night table, then I do an hour of stretching. I stretch every muscle in my body … even my double chin! I cannot do exercises on dry land because of physical issues, which tend to make me fall. In the summer, I do 1&1/2 hours of aquacises, stretches and floating while meditating.
I really love stretching. As a matter of fact, if I am having difficulty sleeping, I stretch and after my routine, I try to go back to sleep…..no problem! It is great.
I hope you find it comforting, and that you be well, enjoy great happiness and have a lot of laughter in your life. Bye bye.
Prisca A.
I think the best time to stretch os first thing in the morning. Also if you sit at a desk for long periods of time you should stretch several times through the day.
Austin T.
Personally, I find stretching in the evening much more relaxing. It relieves a lot of the stress that builds up during the day; however, it depends on the kind of stretching you are referring to. Stretching can be used both to wake up and fall asleep, so I would say that doing it right when you wake up and/or fall asleep is the best time.
Dolores T.
I like it the most during lunch break/around noon. Nevertheless I also like to do it in the evening. This can be very relaxing before going to bed.
Jim J.
I don’t stretch much – and usually it’s in the beginning or end of the day. But this question made me think. It might be good to stretch in the middle of my work day. I’ve never tried that! Will do so tomorrow & see🤔