what stretches do you do before bed? any that have helped you sleep better? yeah

Katherine E.
I’ve been doing the one-minute stretches for a few nights and I really just stretch my legs, one out at a time, and then both, and then I roll my wrists a little and that’s really it.
Olivia Z.
I have a little yoga routine that I love, I enjoy it so much it kind of makes me feel like a kid again. Mountain pose to a toe touch (I’m not all the way there yet but it’s getting better). Shaking my arms out, going down to downward dog, to child’s pose. Rotate your neck a few times too, sit up straight but not rigid, and draw circles in the air with your nose. I’ve noticed that downward dog to child’s pose helps get my back ready, and stretching my neck helps me get comfortable almost immediately. So important to stretch before bed!
Jennifer N.
“Legs up the wall” is supposed to help. I have often done it when in severe pain in my feet, and it offers relief which does help me to sleep better. I’d like to know as well of any others!