Do you prefer morning or evening stretches?

Filippa C.
Morning because I am stiff in the morning. Also it gives me some momentum into the day and gets me in touch with my body.
Evamaria F.
I prefer morning stretches. I forget to stretch at night because sometimes I just fall asleep the second I get home and I’m my room. But morning I have cricks to work out and it feels like to wake up with stretches.
Selma W.
I prefer Morning stretches, and for this reason I think morning is when I feel more tense, so waking up and doing some stretches help my body relax, start my day fresh and feel at peace.
Johan Z.
Personally, I stretch every time I exercise. For me, this is both in the morning and in the evening. But if I had to choose one, probably the morning stretch, since it loosens up all my muscles after getting out of bed.
Line S.
I prefer to stretch a few times each day. After waking up, cool down from workout after any long period of sitting and before bed.