Do you feel it’s okay to break any habits up throughout the day? Such as stretching and exercising

Soline Y.
Not really, but I still forget to do them. And that’s why it’s not great to skip. Not having to think about doing them is the goal of a routine; the option of forgetting is null because you didn’t have to remind yourself in the first place.

Ted G.
Yes, it’s okay to break any habits up throughout the day because sometimes life happens and you can’t get to stretching or exercising as acheduled. I believe if you get it done throughout the day you have committed to your plan to change your habit.

Asta U.
It depends, if I am free and not sick and I don't do any exercise because of my laziness, I feel so bad.. so I always try to do it cuz I feel awesome in the shower after I exercised 🙂

Tobias Y.
Yes. Doing a little bit is better than not doing any at all, especially at times when you can't muster up the motivation to do a task in full. Larger tasks can seem daunting but breaking them up into small chunks can help you feel more willing to do them. Thinking "Yeah! I should be able to handle 10 mins of excercise! It will feel so good to finally add a little workout to my routine!" is way better then "45 mins!? No way! I really don't have the energy for that today…"

Albert Y.
Yes, I want to stretch first thing in the morning when I wake up because it makes me feel more awake and energized. Kind of like how my dogs do a good stretch when they wake up.

Val Rio Q.
Since I was started, I didn't break any habit yet , may be if it happen somthing chage inside me, somthing that says you can break any habit easily after this, so I wanna think breaking will not happen any more and I try to avoid it.