Which part of your body feels best to stretch out?

Klaus N.
As I am suffering from back pain it is crucial for me to stretch my lower back every morning when I wake up. I’ve been doing it for almost 3 weeks now and feel much better some simple gentle stretch while I am still in bed.
Laurindo A.
I have a lot of back injuries so I find that anything that stretches the low back, hamstrings, and/hip flexors feels amazing! I wish I could do that all day long!
Alicia S.
Hi, I have experienced a good feeling when stretching almost every part of my body. I love doing this because I can't exercise "on dry land", which I call normal area where one stands up to exercise. I have a balance problem, so I stretch on my bed first thing in the morning……after making my bed so that the surface will be flat!
Having said all that, the part of my body that gives me the most good feeling is stretching my back. I can't stretch it other that forward because I have screws and rods on my back. This prevents me from moving backwards of sideways. However, it feels so good to stretch my back forward whether I am sitting on my bed bending downward or sitting on the carpet, stretching forwards.
This was an interesting question. Thanks for asking it. I never thought about what part do I like the most! Be well, happy and laugh a lot. Bye.
Areusa C.
My back! After long days at my desk, my back is always slightly soar. Stretching my back feels like releasing the tension for a days work